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Pinocchio's Voice In Trailer For New Film Has People Cringing

Pinocchio's Voice In Trailer For New Film Has People Cringing

The movie comes out next month but not everyone is impressed with the casting choices

Social media users have slammed the new Pinocchio movie, branding the titular character’s voice as cringe-inducing and a ‘joke’. Don’t hold back, guys. You can check it out for yourself here:

Animated flick Pinocchio: A True Story is just one of a slew of new movies about the wooden puppet who becomes a real boy set to come out this year.

Netflix has got Guillermo del Toro on board for its version, while Disney will be bringing out a live-action version, and Lionsgate is offering up CGI animated Pinocchio: A True Story, starring Pauly Shore and Jon Heder. 

A synopsis for the movie reads: “Think you know the story of Pinocchio? Think again! 


“In this thrilling, humorous take on the classic tale, the wooden hero is a skilled acrobat who performs stunts with his beloved horse, the wisecracking Tybalt. He runs off to join a circus, where he falls for the ringmaster’s daughter Bella. 

“But when Pinocchio learns the circus is a cover-up for robberies, he must stop the crime spree in order to save Bella - and hopefully become human. 

“The whole family will love this magical adventure.”

Shore stars as Pinocchio and it’s fair to say his performance is not delighting would-be viewers. 

A clip from the trailer was shared on the r/cringetopia subreddit, where it was a landslide victory for Cringe. 

It also attracted plenty comments, many of which were from people who were shocked to hear the voice of the beloved character.

One commented: “Damn I thought it was a joke. Wow.”


Another wrote: “Sounds a bit better in the other scenes but the whole 'fadur when can i be on my owuhnn?' Really hits the whole Why Meter for me.”

A third joked: “Yeah, the voice actor is super wooden.”

A fourth person wrote: “Even the voice actor doesn't want to be there.”

Another Reddit user commented: “Just imagine how uncomfortable the nose extension scene will be with that voice.”

If you’re keen to find out just how that sounds for yourself, then you’re in luck as Pinocchio: A True Story will be available on-demand and on DVD from 22 March.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate

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