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Cars is a seriously NSFW movie with several hidden references

Cars is a seriously NSFW movie with several hidden references

There's a lot you might have missed in the Pixar film

You think 'Pixar', chances are you think 'animated movies' and 'kid friendly'. If you're a particularly observant fan, though, the terms 'sex references' and 'NSFW' might also spring to mind.

There's no denying the studio kills it when it comes to films, and from Toy Story to Monsters Inc., Inside Out to Luca, Pixar repeatedly succeeds in captivating both kids and adults and making us all laugh with jokes for both the innocent and the experienced.

Cars is one film that's actually packed with NSFW references - so much so that you might even find yourself cringing a little bit if one of your parents walks in at an inopportune moment. At first they might think you're just kicking back with a Pixar classic, but then they might see some of the female characters flashing and think otherwise.

Cars has numerous hidden NSFW references.

Okay, if you've seen Cars you'll know it would actually be pretty tough for the characters to flash in the NSFW sense of the word - there's no pulling up of shirts here. But they do, by definition, manage to flash. They just do it by using their headlights.

This particular explicit scene takes place when Lightning McQueen is approached by some 'twin' cars, who tell the racer they're his 'biggest fans' before their headlights pop up for all to see.

While the rest of the crowd gasps at the sight, McQueen responds: "I love being me."

It's a scene that any young, unsuspecting viewer wouldn't think twice about, but anyone with more knowledge about what it means for humans to flash their 'headlights' will know what's really going on.

The truck stop in Cars is more NSFW than you might think.

The raunchy references don't stop there, as you might be surprised to learn the world of Cars is also home to a couple of strip clubs. It's a blink-and-you'll miss it moment, but the X-rated clubs are advertised in signs for a 'top-down truckstop', where all of the waitresses are apparently 'convertible'.

Last, but certainly not least, is the 'lemon party'. This alone might not ring any bells for many people, but explains that Lemon Party 'refers to an early 2000s shock website featuring an image of three elderly men having sex'.

The words 'lemon party' themselves aren't used in this sense in Cars, but there is one scene in which a group of old cars gather together in a fancy dining room heavily decorated with, you guessed it, lemons.

This reference is the least obvious of the three, but I suppose if you know, you know.

Will you ever watch Cars the same way again?

Featured Image Credit: Disney Pixar

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