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Theresa May Offers Strictly Contestants Tips After Her Hilarious Dancing Went Viral

Theresa May Offers Strictly Contestants Tips After Her Hilarious Dancing Went Viral

It's funny isn't it, all this Theresa May dancing stuff knocking about and yet, what did everyone expect her to do?

Did you really think she was going to have rhythm like Strictly's Giovanni Pernice, slut drop like Sasha Fierce herself? Never happening is it?


This is the woman who once said the 'naughtiest' thing she had ever done was 'running through fields of wheat' when she was a youngster.

But luckily it seems she's all well too aware of her inabilities and can have a good old laugh at herself - which is something we respect.

And when she tweeted BBC's Strictly Come Dancing we couldn't help but let out a little snigger.


All of this started when the Prime Minister was visiting children at secondary schools in South Africa.

According to the Mirror, May was there to announce a scheme that would boost foreign students' education, which was opening up to 100 more of 'Africa's brightest young people'.

At the school, she then told kids during their assembly: "Can I thank all those young people who were involved in the performances outside who welcomed me?"

Naturally, as soon as the footage hit the internet, comments have been coming in thick and fast from social media users.

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"I think someone forgot to oil her?" one said.

Another said that it looked as though the 'Maybot is malfunctioning', adding: "Word has is she's off to see a Nigerian Prince about a large sum of money stuck in a bank. All she has to do is pay him a small deposit for processing...[sic]"

Others used it to take a stab at her leadership prowess - or lack thereof.

"Comes to something when her dance moves are better than her PM moves," someone tweeted.

"Her dance moves are as inept as her leadership and Tory world view!" another said.

One person harked back to another of her awkward habits - curtseying badly.

They wrote: "Just when you think nothing can be more excruciating to watch following the numerous curtsies, she tops it with this."

Some people, meanwhile, tried to defend May - calling on others to be 'less cynical'.

One person wrote: "No - it's a fantastic welcome - she is a happy woman to be so well received by the children of that school and she is joining in with them - why can't we all be less cynical?"

Another commented: "Good on the Prime Minister for getting into the swing of things in South Africa!"

Well, as the saying goes - if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Fair play to her making light out of matters we say.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/DIRCO South Africa

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