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JLS' Aston Merrygold posts hilarious response after backflip went extremely wrong mid-performance

JLS' Aston Merrygold posts hilarious response after backflip went extremely wrong mid-performance

The singer decided to hit back at social media users

Performing a backflip with the safety net of a soft landing is a luxury Aston Merrygold doesn't have on stage.

The singer is known for being quite the acrobat while performing with JLS, but even experts can make a mistake once in a while.

Have a look here:

During the band's final show on their 2023 tour run at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield, Merrygold attempted his trademark stunt.

But the crowd were left fearing for his safety as the 35-year-old botched the backflip live on stage.

While stood alongside his fellow band members JB Gill, Ortisé Williams and upcoming I'm a Celeb campmate Marvin Humes, the singer climbed on a step to give him some height for the move.

But he seemed to have misjudged his signature trick and slipped, falling flat on his back.

The JLS star botched his signature backflip and slipped on stage.

Ever the professional, Merrygold quickly realised the show must go on and bounced back on his feet seemingly unfazed.

He quickly rolled back up and rejoined his bandmates, sliding straight back into their ongoing choreography.

But although Merrygold quickly recovered, the internet was just getting started.

He obviously received a royal ribbing from social media users who dubbed him 'Aston Merryfold', although they were still concerned that he could have been seriously hurt.

In response to the online teasing, Merrygold shared a hilarious TikTok video lip-syncing to the words of Tom Hardy in the 2015 film Legend.

The actor starred as both of the Kray twins in the film and had a tough-talking monologue while in a London boozer.

What better sound to hit back at internet bullies with, eh?

Aston Merrygold shared a hilarious response to social media users teasing him.

Merrygold was seemingly resting up in the comfort of his own home while filming the video which he titled: "Them: 'Aston, my friend said you fell last night'."

He mimed the words: "Right listen, when you see him next, you tell him from me... F**k Charlie, f**k his brother, yeah.

"And f**k that fat Georgie Cornell that hangs out with him. F**k your face. And f**k the f**king lot of you as well, what you think of that, eh?"

The JLS star captioned the clip: "Their always here for the down FALL. Ast - 843, 274. Backflip - 1."

Have a look here, but be warned - it's full of expletives:

Social media users lapped up the banter, while many applauded him for taking his backflip fail like a champ.

Merrygold had previously shared a clip holding his hands over his face while duetting the original video of his on-stage blunder.

The ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ singer has previously been hospitalised for failing to pull off a backflip, with bandmate Humes telling The Mirror in 2012 that he had landed on his head and was left with a concussion.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Astonmerrygold/TikTok/@sar.ahlouise

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