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Get your sick bags ready! As a new horror film has left viewers wanting to - quite literally - throw up.

South Korean horror films are known for being among the scariest and most gruesome flicks in the genre and Project Wolf Hunting is no exception.

The ‘ultra-violent’ horror movie follows a group of convicts travelling under armed guard via a cargo ship on a voyage from the Philippines to South Korea.

The plan is for the dangerous criminals on the ship to serve their prison sentences once they get to South Korea.

The gory action doesn’t take too long to unfold as leaving a bunch of brutal murderers on board a ship leads to some bloody consequences.

The police officers on board to keep them in check and as the prisoners unite to start a violent riot, the situation on board goes from bad to worse as they accidentally unleash a frightening paranormal darkness from below deck.

Project Wolf Hunting is not for people scared of blood and gore.
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Horror movie website Bloody Disgusting called the film a ‘splatterfest’ which is no understatement as the director, Hong-sun Kim confirmed that 2.5 tons of blood used on set.

Project Wolf Hunting was originally released in 2022 but is now available to stream exclusively through Screambox. Following the release of the film on streaming, fans have taken to Twitter to praise the 'gnarly' and 'wildly over the top' film on social media.

“Many films have asked ‘how much blood can you squeeze from a human head’ but only Project Wolf Hunting is brave enough to answer it,” one horror movie fan gushed. “This movie owns.”

Another Twitter review by a viewer said: “Wow. Project Wolf Hunting lives up to all the hype. Geeze.”

A third fan wrote: “Just… can’t get over the kills in Project Wolf Hunting. They’re insanely good. And the fight choreo like broooogjdhslgn amazing...”

Project Wolf Hunting has both thrilled and terrified viewers.
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Another viewer echoed: “Everything was okay until your brain suddenly remembers that one scene from Project Wolf Hunting…”

Sharing a picture of a head being stepped on with blood oozing onto the floor, a Project Wolf Hunting fan wrote: ‘Watched Project Wolf Hunting the other night via @ScreamboxTV and it lived up to the hype. Its mental and nothing but blood spraying

everywhere. The image attached is a low key scene. #projectwolfhunting.”

While someone else agreed and added: “Just watched Project Wolf Hunting and absolutely concur - this film is wildly over the top, beyond hyper-violent, practically drowning in blood, and SO f**king fun. Truly THE BEST DEATHS EVER! I loved it.”

And a Twitter user simply penned: “Project Wolf Hunting is GNARLY.”

Movie night sorted!

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