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'Random' Fan Invited To Perform With Dave At Coachella Turns Out To Have Famous Dad

'Random' Fan Invited To Perform With Dave At Coachella Turns Out To Have Famous Dad

The 18-year-old son of a screenwriter was picked from the Coachella crowd by UK rapper Dave

The son of a famous father was plucked from the crowd at Coachella and was put on stage with Dave to spit some bars with the rapper.

18-year-old Spike sent fans into a frenzy as he rapped every Dave lyric perfectly, while some sceptics reckon it could have been a set-up.

The bizarre fan encounter caused concern among those who suggested that it was a situation where a 'rich kid' used his connections to get a cameo on stage.

Introducing himself, Spike shouted: "My name is Spike, I'm from London, I'm here for Coachella!"

Spike, pretty professionally, rattled his way through 'Thiago Silva' with Dave, while fans cheered him on.


As the song ended, an impressed Dave said: "I wanna say bro that man did the craziest performance of any song I've ever done! Can we make some noise for this incredible man – Spike!"

Well, it turns out the teenager is the son of Hollywood screenwriter, producer and film director Richard Curtis CBE.

The 65-year-old has worked on iconic flicks such as Love Actually, Notting Hill and Bean.

Richard's wife Emma went on Twitter to pretty much confirm that the fan on stage was her son.

She wrote: "This is so mad… my teenage boy went to a festival this weekend and THIS HAPPENED. He has worshipped Dave for 5 years and now…"

His sister, Scarlett, 26, also took to Twitter to share her amazement.

She tweeted: "That. Is. My. Brother. Spike. At. Coachella WITH DAVE! He's 18. He has school at 8am tomorrow. He was picked out of the crowd. We have never seen him rap before…."


Although, when it was later revealed that Spike was the son of a famous father, many suggested that the performance was a set-up.

One Twitter user speculated: "Great for him, I'm sure, but what are the odds that the son of a pair of famous people gets this special moment just by chance?

"Sorry to be cynical, but I'd be more delighted if it wasn't someone from (I suspect) the VIP area, used to meeting celebrities all the time."

Another wrote: "Does this count as an industry plant?"

While a third added: "Yes… picked out of the crowd 'randomly'… Yes, totally believable."

And a fourth tweeted: "Wow what a coincidence that he's the son of a very famous director – what are the chances?!"

I guess you either believe it or you don't.

Featured Image Credit: Coachella

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