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Ricky Gervais Questioned Whether He'd Gone 'Too Far' In Season 3 Scene

Ricky Gervais Questioned Whether He'd Gone 'Too Far' In Season 3 Scene

The scene involved Gervais as his character, Tony, who was messing around with the character Lenny, portrayed by Tony Way

According to Ricky Gervais' co-star there was one scene where he questioned whether he'd gone 'too far' when it came to the third (and final) season of After Life.

Tony Way, who plays photographer Lenny, explained that it was the 'only time' he heard Ricky worry out loud while they were filming the show.


The show follows Tony (played by Gervais), a reporter at a free paper who is struggling to find a purpose in life after his wife died of cancer.

Over the seasons viewers have been moved by his battle with grief and attempts to move on from his tragic loss but they've also been left crying with laughter at some of the moments he has along the way.

But the moment that the 60-year-old thought he'd taken things too far was when he had his mouth against the stomach of Tony Way.


Speaking to Digital Spy, Way explained: "It's the only time I've heard Ricky saying this out loud. In the middle of a take, I had my jumper up and he was blowing onto my belly like I was a toddler, and his head popped up and he went, 'Have I gone too far? Is this okay..?' 

"And I think it's fine, we should carry on doing it and see what happens. You can always cut it out if it doesn't work."

He went on to tell the publication: "Yeah, that scene was amazing. I think that scene was written quite early on. The belly blowing not so much early on, but the scene with – it's clearly a bugbear of Ricky's, people making too much noise, as I think he's talked about quite a lot before.

"But that just got weirder and weirder, that scene, and the more we rehearsed it, and it ended up with him doing that! It's great.

"It's still better than ten rice puddings in a row [in season one]. That was quite extraordinary. I like rice pudding, but I don't really like it as much as I used to."


The third and final season of After Life has only been available for a week and already it's touched people across the globe.

Many have spoken out about how much it's helped them come to terms with their own personal issues.

Taking to social media, one viewer said: "After Life was so unbelievably captivating. It’s actually helped me cope with my cancer diagnosis a lot easier and given me a different outlook on life. Ricky Gervais did absolutely amazing with this show and it couldn’t have ended any better."

Another added: "Pure genius is After Life… recently losing my dad at just 58 from cancer, I have managed to laugh in my darkest time! Thank you. You are right... have hope."

After Life is available now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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