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Rob Brydon Thinks Uncle Bryn In Gavin And Stacey Was Gay

Rob Brydon Thinks Uncle Bryn In Gavin And Stacey Was Gay

The actor has opened up about the much-loved character

Rob Brydon has revealed that he believes his most famous character might have been gay.

The Welshman starred as the much-loved Bryn West in the hit series Gavin and Stacey for over a decade.

But while not much is known about the eccentric uncle's background, Brydon has now opened upon about his thoughts on the character's sexuality.

Speaking on the 'Table Manners' podcast, the 56-year-old said that he wouldn't be surprised if Bryn was gay.

He said: "There's a part of me that doesn't want to say anything, because I think it should be in the mind of the audience.

"But it's not ambiguous, is it? I mean, I'd be surprised if Bryn wasn't gay. But I wonder if he's just never acted on it?

"They've [the show's producers] never said to me [if he was gay or not] - it's just what's there in the script.

Rob Brydon says he thinks Uncle Bryn was gay.

"But, I mean, the way he gazes at Larry Lamb, at Mick, though he's a lovely looking boy..."

Brydon said, though, that it's all about interpretation and what they see in Bryn is up to the fans.

He added: "I think it's for the audience to decide for themselves."

Aside from his sexuality, one aspect of Uncle Bryn's life that has had viewers scratching their heads ever since it was first mentioned in the series is, of course, the infamous 'fishing trip' with Jason.

What really happened?

Well, even though the show has wrapped up a few loose ends since it finished, the answer has never been revealed. 

Speaking about the mystery earlier this year, Brydon said even he wasn't certain.

What happened with Bryn and Jason on THAT trip?

The actor told a huge crowd at a Carfest at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire: "That bloody fishing trip, it haunt me."

He continued: "Look, I don't know. 

"All I know are the clues that were in the show. 

"It was very cold, it defied gravity, and it's legal in some countries."

Thanks for that, Rob.

Not even the stars of the show portraying the characters know what writers James Corden and Ruth Jones had in mind.

Some have suggested that the plan was eventually to reveal what went on, but that they decided it was better to keep it as a mystery.

Uncle Bryn is one of the best-loved characters in the BBC comedy.

However, others have said that there was never any plan to reveal what took place between Bryn and Jason.

One said: "I'm pretty sure that even the cast don't know, that's the whole joke is that nobody knows."

Another said: "For those saying they don't know, Ruth [Jones] wrote it and was meant to reveal it in series two but she decided it was better to leave everyone questioning."

I wonder if we'll ever know. Maybe it's best we don't.

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