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BBC Confirms Gavin And Stacey Will Return 'One Day'

BBC Confirms Gavin And Stacey Will Return 'One Day'

Chief Content Officer, Charlotte Moore, dropped the news

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

The BBC has confirmed that Gavin and Stacey will be back 'one day' as they outlined the Christmas TV line-up.

The channel's Chief Content Officer, Charlotte Moore, dropped the news when she explained that a Christmas instalment of the fan-favourite show was never planned for 2020.


She explained: "That wasn't something that was going to happen this year," and followed that up with: "One day."

This isn't the first time the idea of more Gavin and Stacey has been spoken about because not only is Ruth Jones considering a fourth series, her co-creator James Corden has also been telling the cast that he's not ruling anything out.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Oscar Hartland - who played Nessa and Smithy's son Neil the Baby in the special episode - revealed that he'd quizzed Corden while they were on set, asking about whether or not there's more to come.

He recalled: "I did ask James in the process of filming. He said it's just what the people want.

"Me, I would love it to happen. It really depends what other people think about it and whether they like it or not."

Hartland added: "I would like them to make a series four so much. I would like Smithy to say yes, and for the last episode to be their wedding."

The young actor was one of two babies to previously feature as Baby Neil in the original series of Gavin and Stacey, but was delighted to return to the role for the festive episode.


However, despite already nailing the character as a baby, he still had to audition for the role.

He said: "I didn't really get my hopes up as there were other people who did acting. I was in a couple of newspapers and they noticed me.

"I did my audition in Cardiff. A few weeks later I found out I got the job. It was really cool. I thought I was getting a different part but I actually got Neil. I was really excited about filming."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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