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What Is Robbie Williams' Net Worth In 2022?

What Is Robbie Williams' Net Worth In 2022?

Robbie Williams has sold over 75 million records globally, but what is his net worth?

The heart throb singer songwriter Robbie Williams is one the most successful British artists of all time, selling millions of records world wide.

As well as being in the legendary band Take That, Robbie has had a glistening solo career, releasing countless timeless classics.

On top of his illustrious music career, the Stoke musician was even voted the sexiest man alive by a women's magazine in 2001, but how much is the icon himself worth?

What Is Robbie Williams’ Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robbie Williams has accumulated an enormous net worth of $300 million (£243 million). Although, this comes as no surprise, looking at his track record. Robbie has sold over 75 million records globally.

Furthermore, in 2006 he set a world record for selling a total of 1.6 million tickets in 24 hours for his world tour, valued at around £80 million. All these stats have meant he is one of the best-selling British artists of all time.

So where did Robbie Williams’ road to success begin? Born in Stoke, Williams first began performing when he was at Catholic school, participating in plays such as ‘Oliver!’. However, when he was only 16 he was recruited by music svengali Nigel Martin-Smith to play the role of ‘the cheeky one’ in his new band, ‘Take That’.

In their early years ‘Take That’ were overwhelmingly successful, with their second album ‘Everything Changes’ included hits such as ‘Relight My Fire’ and ‘Love Ain't Here Anymore.’

Experiencing fame like this undoubtedly meant that Robbie was exposed to drugs and alcohol from an extremely young age. This eventually led to the young singer almost overdosing when he was 20.

The constant drugs and partying meant he wasn’t contributing or even turning up to rehearsals and so was essentially kicked out of the band in 1994.

Nevertheless, Williams really came into his own during his solo career. In 1997 he released the smash hit ‘Angels’, which is still his UK best seller, and Robbie's journey didn't end in the 90s, with his 2012 album ‘Take the Crown’ selling 1.2 million copies. 

So how has Robbie Williams spent his vast wealth? In 2006 the pop icon bought £260 000 worth of shares in his home football club Port Vale, making him their largest shareholder. Looking at his personal life and family, Robbie married his wife Ayda Field in 2010, and they’ve had four children since.

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