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New comedy musical about the disappearance of Shannon Matthews divides opinion

New comedy musical about the disappearance of Shannon Matthews divides opinion

A comedy musical at the Edinburgh Fringe about Shannon Matthews has split people's views.

A comedy musical about the faked disappearance of Shannon Matthews has split opinion over whether it's hilarious or horrendous.

Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, Shannon Matthews: The Musical has left some people cackling with laughter and others seething with outrage.

The musical is being performed by the Tuppence Ha’penny Theatre Company along with Kunt and the Gang.

If you think you've heard their names before, they're the people behind the song 'Prince Andrew is a Sweaty N***e' and other musical hits such as 'Boris Johnson is a F***ing C**t'.

They've added to their hit list as the musical features 11 new songs such as 'Shannon ain’t dead (she’s under my bed)' and 'Can't Work, Won't Work' for their sell-out musical show.

Some people took to social media to say they 'can't even find the words to describe how vile that is', while another called it a 'sick joke'.

Dewsbury West councillor Ammar Anwar said the idea of a musical about Shannon Matthews was 'bang out of order', arguing that the musical 'should never have been allowed by any authority around Britain'.

He said: "Just imagine being that poor girl Shannon Matthews, and re-living the ordeal all over again. I think they are cruel and sadistic movements for her to live again.

"I think people should let her move on in life, and let her forget about what happened in the past. The actions taken by her family were disgraceful.

"Even if the musical isn't that bad, it is affecting Shannon Matthews in some way or form. Even though they are not the exact same moments that happened with her, we will never know the truth but it is still wrong what's going on."

However, others were bigger fans of the musical as the performers have been posting positive reviews of their show on their social media channels.

GetYourCoatsOn gave it the full five stars as the reviewer said the musical left them 'doubled over laughing' with plenty of jokes that employed 'cleverness' and a 'deft touch'.

Audience members have also been saying how much they liked the sell-out show, with one 'exceeded my expectations on so many levels' and it was 'so good that someone fainted'.

Someone else, who appears to be the person who fainted, said they 'really was enjoying the show' for the parts they were conscious for.

In 2008, the then-nine-year-old Shannon Matthews appeared to go missing and a major search to track down the girl was launched.

She was found alive a month later in a flat a mile away from her home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, as the true story behind the fake abduction was revealed.

Shannon's abduction had been planned by her mum Karen and Michael Donovan, the uncle of Karen's boyfriend.

The pair had planned to release the nine-year-old and pretend to have discovered her, then take her into a police station and pocket the £50,000 reward on offer.

They were later found guilty of kidnapping, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Shannon Matthews: The Musical will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe until 27 August.

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