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Simon Pegg recreates iconic Shaun of The Dead scene for special Christmas message

Simon Pegg recreates iconic Shaun of The Dead scene for special Christmas message

He was inspired by Tom Cruise jumping out of a plane.

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us, and celebs all over the world are doing their bit to bring some festive joy.

This includes Simon Pegg, who decided to recreate one of his most iconic Shaun of the Dead scenes after seeing Tom Cruise's holiday message:

Now, let's cast our minds back to the hit 2004 film, which sees Pegg step into the shoes of Shaun - an electronic salesman who doesn't quite realise anything is wrong at the start of a zombie apocalypse.

The horror-comedy is filled with many iconic lines and scenes, including Pegg's quest to get his layabout housemate a cornetto from the corner shop after the world has basically exploded.

In the original scene, a bleary-eyed Shaun wakes up and makes his way to the shop, travelling through eerily quiet streets.

Despite there being bloody handprints on the fridge, he still doesn't cotton on to the fact that something is seriously wrong.

While he does notice that there aren't any newspapers on that particular day, he doesn't let it bother him too much, and as the zombified shopkeeper watches on, he pays for his items and tells the shopkeeper Nelson that he owes him about 15p.

In the recreation, Pegg, now 52, is filmed walking through the streets of London, telling fans that he'd been inspired by Cruise jumping out of a plane to wish his fans happy holidays.

He admitted that this just wasn't his style, but said that he did have something more in-keeping with his cinematic history in mind.

The actor recreated one of his most famous scenes for Christmas.
Universal Pictures
The actor then wishes his fans a Merry Christmas before dipping into the same corner shop used to film the iconic Shaun of the Dead scene.

As you can imagine, this went down a storm with fans of the actor, who were delighted to take a trip down memory lane.

"You've got red on you," joked one fan, quoting the film.

A second added: "Just go to the Winchester, grab a pint and wait for the Holidays to all blow over."

"Remember you owe him 15p," remarked a third, referencing the change Pegg told the shopkeeper he'd forgotten.

"This is perfect," wrote a fourth. Much better than jumping off a helicopter. I have bought a cornetto here too."

"I like how Simon makes stepping onto a kerb look like a more dangerous stunt than jumping out of a helicopter," observed a fifth, while a sixth joked: "Need anything from the shops??"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @simonpegg

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