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What is Simple Simon's Net Worth?

What is Simple Simon's Net Worth?

TikTok's Simple Simon and Ed Matthews are going head to head in a boxing match this Saturday. Here is 52-year-old Simon's net worth.

TikTok stars Simple Simon and Ed Matthews are settling their rivalry in a highly anticipated fight this Saturday at The O2 Indigo in London.

The pair have been going back and forth on TikTok since Matthews mocked 52-year-old Simon "Simple Simon" Colbran for making videos videos with 21-year-old Astrid Wett, an OnlyFans star. They agreed to settle their differences in the ring hosted by Kingpyn.

At the event's press conference last month the two got in a brawl seconds into it beginning as Matthews mocked Colbran's daughter as he slapped the father's with a sex toy. Colbran landed a punch to the 19-year-old's face.

The father said afterwards: "He tried to get to me without using my family and it didn’t work because I get called every name under the sun. He saw how close he was with my daughter Keeley and he knew it was going to get to me."

What is Simple Simon's Net Worth?

Colbran's net worth is estimated between £250,000 to £500,000 by The Sports Grail.

He was the director and head coach of Stars Football Academy in East Sussex. Colbran also previously played professionally in Germany and semi-professionally in the UK before going into coaching.

Simple Simon told LADbible that he had retired before joining TikTok six months. “I owned a hotel and owned spa as well."

He has over 401.6k followers on TikTok and 98.3k on his Instagram. His Youtube channel has 7.6k subscribers. He also uses Cameo with personalised videos costing £11 and company videos costing £24.

Colbran has an 18-year-old daughter, Keeley Colbran, who is no stranger to social media with 361.1k followers on TikTok and 69.7k followers on Instagram.

The fight, dubbed "Settling Scores", is scheduled to start at 6pm UK time, meaning the main event will get underway between 9 and 10pm, depending on how long the seven undercard matches brawl.

It will be broadcast exclusively on Kingpyn's website, costing £6.99

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Simple Simon

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