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Simple Simon Punches Ed Matthews In Face After Being Slapped In The Face With Sex Toy

Simple Simon Punches Ed Matthews In Face After Being Slapped In The Face With Sex Toy

The TikTok boxing rivals had a bit of a scrap ahead of their upcoming in-ring fight

If you thought YouTube boxing was dramatic, it appears that TikTokers like to crank things up a notch.

In a shocking moment at their recent press conference, TikTok boxer Simple Simon walloped his upcoming opponent Ed Matthews in the face after being slapped with a sex toy.

Before the pair of social media stars face off at The O2 next month, they were promoting the fight in front of 1,500 fans, reports Irish Mirror.

Within minutes s**t started to hit the fan as the tension clearly boiled over.

Matthews started by saying: "I think s**t has got a bit out of hand between me and Simon so I've got a present.

"Let me just give it to him. This is the same size as mine..."

The 19-year-old then grabs a sex toy from his bag and walks over to his rival, and presents him with the dildo.

A seemingly pissed off Simon, 51, then rushes over to the teenager and grapples with him.

In return, he was greeted with a large fake penis to the forehead and Simon responded by punching him in the face.

The two TikTokers were later broken up by security.

Kingpyn Boxing

Simon later said: "I'm realistic, he ain't realistic because he says he's going to knock me out in the first round.

"I'm realistic, there are people who talk and there are people who get on with it and I'm the kind of person who gets on with it so let's see what f**king happens.

"I'm not going to say I'm going to knock him out. I'm training my nuts off, I'm training six days a week and I'm f***ing knackered and stressed right out but I'm going to do everything for this fight and do everything to win this fight.

"But I'm not going to say I'm going to knock him out because I'm not that arrogant."

Kingpyn Boxing

However, Matthews claimed he hasn't been able to train recently after suffering an injury.

"I can't lie, I've not been training because I've f**ked my ankle," he said.

"I still can't train but I'll probably be cool in a week so that's all I need, three or four weeks training.

"I feel like he's got old man speed but he won't be able to catch up with me, the speed I've got is just different.

"I'll knock you out in the first or second round; I'll toy with you in the first round and knock you out in the second."

Simple Simon will take on Ed Matthews at The Indigo in the O2, London, on 16 July.

Featured Image Credit: Kingpyn Boxing

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