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Snoop Dogg welcomed to Scotland in the most Scottish way possible

Snoop Dogg welcomed to Scotland in the most Scottish way possible

The rapper clearly loved his welcome into the country

In today's instalment of fun facts you didn't know you needed: Snoop Dogg f**king loves the bagpipes.

Chilly, grey Scotland might be a far cry from the California sunshine Snoop is used to, but the rapper fully immersed himself in Scottish culture when he arrived at Glasgow Airport ahead of his show at the OVO Hydro on Thursday (16 March).

Anyone who's ever been to Scotland will know that the sound of bagpipes doesn't exactly start to ring out the second you cross the border, but locals obviously didn't want to waste any time in making sure Snoop got an earful of their iconic instrument.

They decided to install a piper on the ground at the airport, choosing musician Ross Ainslie as the man for the job.

Ainslie dressed for the occasion in a kilt and a high-vis jacket - as if the sound of bagpipes wasn't enough to warn people of his presence - but he chose not to serenade Snoop with a local tune.

Instead, he broke out into an epic rendition of 'Still D.R.E' by Dr. Dre, and it's safe to say Snoop loved it.

Footage shared by the piper shows Snoop dancing around in circles and getting down to the pipes at the airport, and giving Ainslie a thumbs up before he got into his car.

Ainslie shared the clip on Instagram, writing: "Played for @snoopdogg the day!"

Ainslie has been widely praised for his skills.

He also shared a picture of him posing alongside the rapper as he held on to some of the pipes, writing: "Snoop Dogg getting into the pipes today!"

Snoop's visit to the OVO Hydro came after he cancelled his tour last year due to 'unforeseen scheduling conflicts', forcing him to delay the Scotland gig which was originally meant to take place on 26 August.

Ainslie has been widely praised for his epic bagpiping skills after the video of him entertaining Snoop was shared online, with viewers saying he 'smashed it' and describing the scene as 'class'.

Some viewers branded Ainslie as the Snoop of the piping world, with one writing: "Pipe it like it’s hot. awesome man!," while another added: "The Piper D O Double G."

One viewer did question why Ainslie 'did you nae blast oot ‘Drop it like it’s hot’', but it's safe to say the piper made sure Snoop had a warm welcome into the chilly country - all that was missing was a bit of haggis, shortbread and an Irn-Bru for the onward journey.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@rossainsliepipes

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