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Snoop Dogg’s professional joint roller makes up to 150 joints for him a day

Snoop Dogg’s professional joint roller makes up to 150 joints for him a day

She said her hands are like 'little machines'

Snoop Dogg has become nothing short of synonymous with his love of weed, and it turns out that he smokes so much that he needs his very own joint rollers.

It's a full time gig too, and his professional rollers are kept more than a little busy with the task of making a whopping 150 joints a day - presumably just in case.

The job has, at some point, been held by a woman called Renegade Piranha, and she's now opened up about what it was like to have a very important role in the rapper's day-to-day life.

She revealed that since 2016, she's rolled joints for a host of celebrity clients, including the likes of Rhianna, Kid Cudi and Elon Musk, but we imagine that it was Snoop Dogg who really put her through her paces.

Speaking of working for the 'Drop It Like Its Hot' rapper, Renegade said on the Kyle and Jackie O Show: "For my entire life, I haven’t done calculations, but we did one time - just for fun - do a little calculation of how many I may have rolled since 2016 when I got the professional gig for Snoop and then all the other clients after.

"We calculated it somewhere around a little over 450,000."

Renegade Piranha is a 'professional joint roller'.

To put this into context, that equates to rolling hundreds of joints a day.

"On average a day, I do about a quarter pound to a half pound a day, which seems excessive," she admitted.

"So that's roughly like 75 to 150 units per day."

However, she did point out that these joints aren't necessarily just for Snoop Dogg, but her other clients too as well as marijuana-themed events.

"We've rolled so many that my hands have kind of become little machines now," she admitted.

The professional joint roller said that while her job is unusual, it's a service like any other and compared it to being a bartender as she doesn't actually produce the weed herself.

Snoop Dogg's professional joint roller said her hands are like 'little machines'.
Alamy/ZUMA Press, Inc.

"It's a service that I provide, much like an assistant. I don't provide the flower or the medicinal cannabis," she revealed.

"I just provide a service, so it's like a bartender doesn't provide the liquor."

Renegade's revelation about the job comes after Snoop revealed that he's a pretty fair employer and claimed he gave a roller a pay rise to keep up with inflation.

Admittedly, this is a lot more than can be said for most lines of works.

Snoop even gave his roller a pay rise in line with inflation.

He said that he now pays his joint roller between $40,000 (£31,000) and $50,000 (£39,900) a year.

The rapper told Howard Stern that the employee, who he referred to as male at the time (maybe he's got more than one), also gets perks of the job, including: "Free weed- all paid expenses. Everything I get, he gets. I go get some free clothes, I give him some."

Not bad... Even if your hands end up like little machines.

Featured Image Credit: @snoopdogg/Instagram

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