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Spooky Britain’s Got Talent Act Leaves Viewers Sceptical As They Spot Flaw

Spooky Britain’s Got Talent Act Leaves Viewers Sceptical As They Spot Flaw

Amanda Holden was seriously creeped out by the performance

Britain's Got Talent has kicked off for a new series, and one of its spookiest contestants yet really caught viewers' attention.

The ghostly apparition took to the stage this week, with nothing but a blackboard and an armchair on stage to work with and commanded Amanda to the stage to take part in a little game.

Visibly concerned, the 51-year-old said: "It's always me!"

After making her way to the stage, Amanda sat down, before a trolley, with a balloon attached to it, rolled on beside her - seemingly all by itself.

Amanda was shaken by the act.

"Amanda, please hold the balloon by the stick," asks the menacing voice from beyond.

"Balloons are the first thing that we all learn to lose, like the child who lost this balloon earlier today.

"They thought it was a gust of wind. It wasn't. It was me, I stole it."

The balloon then burst in Amanda's face before the auditionee added: "You might think it was rather mean to burst a balloon like that, but losing things is an important part of life."

Towards the end of the act, Amanda, now in a trance, was asked to walk across the stage and place the chalk on the blackboard.

To the crowd's amazement, the piece of chalk stayed put.

It then began to move, spelling out the word 'KEYS' before dropping to the floor and breaking.

It was a reference to a set of keys Amanda had picked up earlier in the act.

However, while most looked on in awe at the act, people at home weren't so impressed, with many offering explanations as to how the trick was carried out.

"What a load of rubbish the chalk moved from the centre to the side of the board without making a mark. And no way did she pull a big set of keys out," wrote one.

Fans think they sussed out the spooky act.

Another wrote: "Chalk is a magnet."

"Are we just ignoring that the chalk started in the middle of the board and then was suddenly top left?," put a third.

While yet another added: "BGT trick magnet blackboard £15 from Amazon."

However, Amanda said she can barely remember what happened.

The judge said: "One minute I was on stage and then the next minute I was asleep, and Alesha was like, 'Well, you just did this and I was like, 'No I didn't.'

"He obviously had control over my mind because I guessed exactly whatever Alesha picked, even though I didn’t see."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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