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MMA Fighter Knocks Out His Opponent With Some ‘Sweet Chin Music’

MMA Fighter Knocks Out His Opponent With Some ‘Sweet Chin Music’

In some ways, Mixed Martial Arts and WWE Wrestling are very similar - they both feature shirtless men grappling with each other and they both take place in a ring (even if one is octagonal and made out of chicken wire).

In other ways they are completely different though - wrestling is all about selling a series of well-drilled moves (and a whole load of merchandise while you're at it) whereas in the MMA octagon you can actually beat somebody bloody.


Well, recently the two worlds have begun to collide as MMA fighters have started to use their favourite WWE moves to really take out their opponents.

Last year at a fight in Bolton, Jonno Mears made his opponent Aaron Jones tap out by using the 'Walls of Jericho' - the signature move of WWE Superstar Chris Jericho.

Now a fight in America has been brought to a swift end after one of the fighters handed out some Sweet Chin Music to his opponent and knocked him out.

'Sweet Chin Music' was the finishing move of WWE (then WWF) superstar 'The Heartbreak Kid', aka Shawn Michaels.


It was Michael's signature move and is a version of what is known as a 'super kick', performed with the Heartbreak Kid's unique theatrics.

The move itself - sorry if this gets too technical - involves kicking your opponent straight in the chin and leaving them out cold on the deck.

The move was perfectly executed by Kevin Wirth in his bout against Isaiah Gutierrez at the LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance) event in Dallas on Friday night.

Unfortunately he didn't manage to work in HBK's dance moves or sparkly trousers, but he still caught him pretty well, as you can see.

His opponent goes down like a tonne of bricks and was presumably left wondering how much he was going to be taken apart on social media - even those of us who aren't experts with MMA understand that rule number one is not to get kicked straight in the head and knocked out.

We can only hope that this trend of MMA fighters using the signature moves of old WWE wrestlers continues.

Imagine Jose Aldo winning a fight with a Bronco Buster, Georges St-Pierre pulling out the Swanton Bomb or Conor McGregor throwing out the People's Elbow (he should probably just challenge The Rock to a fight anyway).

In fact, you could definitely kill someone with a Tombstone Piledriver.

Basicalyl, don't try this at home, kids.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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