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​Roger Federer Gets Interviewed By Ron Burgundy At The Australian Open

​Roger Federer Gets Interviewed By Ron Burgundy At The Australian Open

Renowned 19-time Grand Slam tennis player Roger Federer got more than he bargained for after his 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 victory at the Australian Open on Tuesday night, when the legendary Will Ferrell - or rather his Anchorman counterpart Ron Burgundy - walked out onto the court for the post-game interview.


Credit: Australian Open TV

"We've been told that we have a special guest, who wants to ask a couple of questions," announced retired tennis champ John McEnroe. "His name is Will Ferrell."

As the crowd broke into rapturous applause, on strode Ferrell, saying in his signature booming voice: "In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, it's great to be here with two tennis legends, Roger Federer and John McKintosh."

The crowd laughs along with the jab at McEnroe - unaware that the interview would unfold into one of the weirdest Federer must have ever done.

Channelling his inner Anchorman, the Hollywood funnyman said Federer resembled a gazelle during the game, asking if he would describe the game as 'a silky gazelle'.


Federer laughed, replying: "Maybe, maybe not. A gazelle - don't they get eaten in the end?"

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Ferrell quipped: "Not if they're fast enough."

Credit: Australian Open TV / YouTube
Credit: Australian Open TV / YouTube

Ferrell then turned his attention to 36-year-old Federer's 'ageless' appearance, asking if he is a 'witch or a vampire'.

Clearly still bemused by the bizarre interview (as you probably would be, in fairness), the tennis star struggled to drum up some kind of witty answer, and instead awkwardly mumbled: "I don't like either of those."

Ferrell addressed 'locker room rumours' that Federer's secret to fitness was only eating wombat meat - the 'national food of Australia' - before asking him, with a dodgy Australian accent: "Does it get annoying when they just scream: 'C'mon Roger! C'mon Roger!' over and over again?"

Federer responded: "They remind me of my name, it's good. At an older age you start forgetting your name sometimes. It's great."

Federer's amusing reply garnered the biggest applause yet, with the crowd whooping and whistling as he was able to finally match Ferrell's banter.

Ferrell then thanked Roger, signing the interview off with: "Stay classy, Melbourne."

The Australian Open began yesterday and is set to finish on the 28 January. Federer's next Australian Open match is against German star Jan-Lennard Struff on the 18 January.

Words: Jade Culver

Featured Image Credit: Australian Open TV / YouTube

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