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​Everything Anthony Joshua Eats On His Training Day Diet

​Everything Anthony Joshua Eats On His Training Day Diet

Let’s hope it puts him in good stead for this weekend’s fight, eh?

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Loads of us like to think that we can pretty good with our health and fitness - hitting the gym most days while packing loads of lean proteins into our meals, drinking only when the weekend comes.

Who am I kidding? Most of us are absolutely pants - succumbing to the pub by 5pm on a Monday and too skint to eat anything other than Pot Noodles or beans on toast. Oh, and our cheat days are "only those that end in 'day'." FFS.

It's pretty good, then, that none of us are professional boxers - because judging from Anthony Joshua's training day diet, they have to exercise a lot of control.

Sure, he packs in the calories, but we're not talking freakshakes and Maccy's binges. Instead, he crams in 4,000-5,000 calories a day of protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, wholegrain rice and quinoa.


According to, AJ tends to start the day off with fresh fruit, oats, yoghurt, milk, five eggs and vegetables - and, occasionally, smoked salmon on toast or with a bagel.

For a morning snack he'll go for electrolyte drinks, recovery shakes, sandwiches, salad boxes or pasta pots, while for for lunch, it's two chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, vegetables, yoghurt and honey. Oh, and sometimes, meringues. Treat yo'self.

Dinnertime rolls around and it's onto fillet steak and vegetables with wholegrain rice, pasta or quinoa. Some days he'll splash out on a fruit mousse or yoghurt, too, before winding down with bedtime snacks like slow-release protein shakes and protein bars that are packed with fruit and nuts.

Like, it sounds doable, but after one day I'd definitely be craving a Subway or something.

Allison Childress, Chief Clinical Dietitian at the Nutrition and Metabolic Health Institute, has said that there can be harmful consequences from the pressures of dieting habits in the sporting world.

"Eating disorders and disordered eating are common in dancers, particularly ballerinas," she said.

"The pressure to maintain a low weight can also lead to eating disorders in jockeys."

However, she added that this isn't the case for Joshua, suggesting his specific diet is well-suited to fuel him for a fight.

"Based on his height, weight, age and estimated activity level, Anthony Joshua needs about 4,000 calories a day, with 227g of protein, 600g of carbohydrates and 90g of fat," she said.

"It seems as though he has a good handle on nutrition and fuels properly. He focuses on whole single ingredient foods, which tend to have the highest micronutrient values as well."

Let's hope it puts him in good stead for this weekend's fight, eh?

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