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Mike Tyson Doesn't Flinch When Man Pulls Gun In Bar

Mike Tyson Doesn't Flinch When Man Pulls Gun In Bar

Tyson was attending a comedy night at a rooftop bar when the event took a strange turn

Cameron Frew

Cameron Frew

Mike Tyson went to see a comedy show when a complete stranger pulled a gun - and Iron Mike didn't even flinch. Watch the clip below:

Tyson, 55, is a former heavyweight boxing champion. He's faced off against the best fighters in the world, and emerged on top. He bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear in 1997. In 2020, he even returned to the ring.

He is a bona fide hard-man. Who knows what's capable of getting inside his head, but one thing is certain: it isn't a random person pulling a gun at a gig.

In footage obtained by TMZ, Tyson can be seen attending a comedy night at a rooftop bar in Hollywood when the night takes a bit of a strange turn.

Tyson is sat in the front row when the unnamed man takes to the stage and starts talking to the boxing legend, all while people in the audience and those nearby seem absolutely baffled.

The man pulled a gun, but Tyson remained cool.

It's difficult to make out exactly what he's saying to Tyson, but at one point he says he's trying to 'upgrade his status' and 'all he needs' is Tyson, so it seems he was trying to challenge Tyson to a fight.

People ask him 'what the f**k' he's doing at the gig, and tell him to 'get the f**k out of here'. He insists he's 'just joking', but he's eventually shoved to the side.

At this point, the man pulls a gun from his waist, causing others to quickly move away or duck for cover. The camera cuts to black at this point, but Tyson seemed unfazed by the gun, sitting still while others moved.

The footage eventually cuts back to the man approaching Tyson - with permission, it seems - at which point the boxer not only greets him, but even embraces him in a hug.

Mike Tyson hugged the man after the incident.

All wasn't well though. As he starts to leave, the man argues with those around him, branding one person a 'sucka' and a 'bitch-ass', before mercifully leaving the venue.

Some people in the audience then commend Tyson for remaining so calm during the interaction.

The clip has since been shared to social media, where people have been left slack-jawed by the clip. One user wrote: "In this world of constant insane stories, this ranks currently at the top!"

Another tweeted: "I want y'all to focus on the fact that Mike didn't move an inch during this entire situation.

"You know how much Mike has gone through in his life? He sized homeboy up before the gun even came out. He was CHILLING. Even the gun was like 'nah, I'm good.'"

Featured Image Credit: Backgrid

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