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The Undertaker May Return For One Last Match

The Undertaker May Return For One Last Match

Just imagine.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

We all saw the emotive scenes at WrestleMania 33 last week when The Undertaker retired, leaving his hat, trenchcoat and gloves in the centre of the ring.

Even after all the crowd had gone and the set was being taken down, the items remained.

Backstage, everybody was saddened, including the big man himself. He shared an emotional moment behind the scenes with commentator Jim Ross.

The end of an era... or so we thought.

Credit: BrockLesnarGuy

A former WWE writer believes that the legend will have one more fight before completely calling it a day.

Roman Reigns inflicted only The Undertaker's second-ever loss during the showpiece event, which then prompted him to upset us all with the decision to step-down from the ring.

Following the act, many took to Twitter in support of the great man.

Bruce Pritchard told his Something To Wrestle podcast: "It was a nice ending of a chapter if you ask me, but I don't think it's over.

"Now he would argue with me on that and say, 'No, that's it'. But you never say never in this business.

"And The Undertaker and that character will live on forever and I think that he could still go out and have a match.

"It may not be what it was 25 years ago, but by God, he'll go out and the people will be behind him just as much as they were."

Pritchard, alongside D-Generation X member, X-Pac, believe that there'll be one more fight left in The Undertaker.

However, it won't happen until the 52-year-old has had hip surgery. It would seem all those years of fighting have left him needing a replacement, with some speculating it may even need a full transplant.

It may all be speculation to keep the news flowing around the excitement that was WrestleMania 33, however.

The Undertaker holds an unprecedented run of 21 straight victories within WrestleMania, with his first defeat coming against Brock Lesnar.

Real name Mark William Calaway, he's had several ring names throughout his professional career including: The Commando, Kane, The Undertaker, The Master Of Pain, and Texas Red.

In a 2013 Digital Spy poll, he was voted as the greatest ever wrestler. So even if he has left the ring for good, there is no denying the legacy the great man has left behind.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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