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Steve-O recalls bizarre story of doing cocaine with Mike Tyson at a house party in a toilet for hours

Steve-O recalls bizarre story of doing cocaine with Mike Tyson at a house party in a toilet for hours

The Jackass star said he hadn't been invited to Tyson's home, but that the former heavyweight boxer warmly welcomed him in

Having appeared on Jackass for over two decades, Steve-O has had more than his fair share of bizarre moments.

Even his most infamous stunts don’t compare to when the TV stuntman said he did cocaine with Mike Tyson at a house party in the Hollywood Hills.

Despite turning up unannounced, the 48-year-old was warmly welcomed by the boxer and things soon began to take a strange turn.

Graham Bensinger/YouTube

The night had begun much like any other, with Steve-O and several of his friends partying at the club – which is where they heard about the notorious 2005 party.

Unaware of whose house they were showing up at, the Jackass star cautiously knocked at the door and was greeted with the sight of the former heavyweight champion.

“…I showed up and banged on the door and Mike Tyson opened it,” he admitted in an interview with Graham Bensinger, saying how nervous he’d been.

Thankfully, Tyson was pleased to see the TV stuntman and even playfully hit him in the head as he invited him in.

It was here that the night started to go up a gear, with the professional boxer asking if Steve-O had any cocaine on him and by pure coincidence, the star had ‘a lot’ on him.

The professional boxer had a rather bizarre approach to drugs.
WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

“I was like yeah dude I have a lot,” he recalled during the YouTube interview, adding: “I remember having like half an 8-ball in one pocket and like an untouched 8 ball in the other.”

Though he did admit it was more than he’d ‘usually’ have on him, it still didn’t stop Steve-O and Tyson from going through the entire amount in a single night.

However, nothing would prepare the host for how the professional boxer decided to ingest the drug and confessed that he’d ‘never seen anything like it’.

Locking themselves in the bathroom, Tyson apparently twisted the end of a cigarette until all the tobacco fell out – leaving a hollow paper tube which he then packed with white powder.

Steve-O was understandably shocked by this, with the Jackass alum joking: “I’m looking at it like purely logistically, that can’t work…the paper has got to burn faster then nothing but cocaine. But I’m just fascinated and just sitting there, watching him do it.”

To everyone’s amazement, the so-called ‘Iron Mike’ made it ‘work’ according to Steve-O.

Though neither of them have spoken about the rest of the night, we like to think what followed was similar to The Hangover .

Featured Image Credit: Graham Bensinger/YouTube

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