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Steve-O Is Planning To Get A Boob Job

Steve-O Is Planning To Get A Boob Job

The Jackass star has said he wants to get a boob job so he can shock audiences.

Jackass star Steve-O has said he is planning to get a boob job so he can shock audiences at his live shows.

The performer has always been known for his willingness to put his body on the line for entertainment, and now he's talking about going under the knife.

Steve-O was speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Steve-O's Wild Ride, where he asked about the possibility of getting breast implants.

Speaking with podcast guest Dr Terry Dubrow from reality show Botched, Steve-O admitted he'd been 'dying to ask' about getting a boob job as a man.

Jackass star Steve-O has asked about getting breast implants.

The entertainer and stuntman said he was running out of ways to push the bar higher and thought getting a boob job would be one of the ways he could go further than ever before.

He said: "I’m at a point with all of my crazy antics that the bar is so high that I’m actually planning for my next tour.

"And for my next tour I’ve decided that it’s called the ‘Steve-O’s Gone Too Far’ tour, and I’m just trying to be so crazy, and one of my ideas is to get breast implants."

The 47-year-old suggested he'd like to get the process of having a boob job filmed over the course of several months and show the footage at his live shows.

He even said he'd like to raise the bar even further and 'go as big as possible' with his boob job.

Perhaps wisely, the plan is not for Steve-O to live the rest of his live with breast implants as the pair discussed how long he might have them for.

Dr Dubrow suggested the Jackass star 'could probably do a D or double D' but warned keeping them for six months risked missing the point where his skin would retract back down to its old shape.

Steve-O has said he wants to get breast implants as that will be as shocking as possible.

The plastic surgeon recommended Steve-O went for C cups and had them removed between three and six months after getting the implants to avoid 'a skin-reducing procedure and a bunch of scars'.

Also on the list of things the Jackass star wanted to try was crashing a car into a wall so he could test out the airbags – and he got reassurances that the impact wouldn't ruin his boob job. “They won’t get injured, breast implants are incredibly tough," the doctor said.

Steve-O's last live tour was named The Bucket List Tour, which featured stunts he wasn't allowed to do for Jackass.

He also has a book titled A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I've Learned From a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions due to release later this year.

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