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Stressed Out Golden Retriever Gets Emotional Support Kitten To Help With Anxiety

Stressed Out Golden Retriever Gets Emotional Support Kitten To Help With Anxiety

Golden retriever Horlicks made unlikely friends with Hero the kitten and they help each other.

You've probably heard of an emotional support dog, but what about an emotional support cat for a dog?

Despite being a very good boy, Horlicks the golden retriever would get next-level stressed out every time he was left home alone.

So, his Sydney-based humans came up with the perfect gift for Horlicks' fifth birthday: his very own emotional support animal to help quell his separation anxiety.

“When he celebrated his birthday,” Horlicks’ owner explained to The Dodo. “I thought that another sibling is going to help him with all this separation anxiety.”

Cue Hero the kitten, here to save the day.

They were introduced to each other gradually to ensure their first meeting wasn't too overwhelming for the dog or cat - and treading carefully certainly paid dividends for the two of them.

Looking at it from an itty bitty kitty's pointy of view, his new friend was massive, hairy, and yellow, so it's understandable that the miniature moggy was a little unsure.

“Horlicks was able to say ‘hi’ and meet up with Hero,” their human said.

“He then starts to realise that Horlicks is a gentle giant - and that’s when their relationship really picked up.”

As soon as the British Shorthair started exploring his new home - and started stirring up Horlicks - the pair became fast friends.

Now, they make quite the dynamic duo - and Horlicks is 'feline fine' when left at home alone with his new buddy.

Better still, not only do the fuzzy friends hang out at home, but they also go on morning walks together and sometimes even beach days.

Hero's playful side initially took gentle giant Horlicks by surprise.

Initially, the five-year-old golden retriever seemed confused by the small furball swiping at this tail, but now the strangest of bedfellows play - and even nap - together every day.

Hero is always around when Horlicks needs a boop on his snoot, especially when their human family leave the house without them.

Now, Horlicks is anxious no more - he's too busy being shadowed by his own miniature hero.

It's always been assumed that dogs and cats are the worst of enemies, but in this case it is clear that opposites do attract... and can become the best of friends.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/horlicks.thegolden/herothebsh

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