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Suite Life's Dylan Sprouse Has Got A New Job Away From Acting

Suite Life's Dylan Sprouse Has Got A New Job Away From Acting

Dylan Sprouse ditched his Disney days and has pursued a new passion.

Although his brother stuck firmly to his acting career over the years, former child star Dylan Sprouse has gone down a totally different route since his Disney days.

Ever since they snagged their first big break at age seven in Adam Sandler's Big Daddy (1999), the Sprouse twins were a constant on our TV screens for years.

At age 11, the pair landed their own Disney Channel series, The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, which ran for three seasons before getting nautical spin-off, Suite Life on Deck.

After years of Disney stardom, Dylan Sprouse had a major career change.

When their Disney stint finally came to an end in 2011, both Dylan and Cole took a break from acting to get their degrees from NYU. And while Cole got straight back into the acting game after graduating in 2015 - namely his role as Jughead Jones in The CW's drama series Riverdale - Dylan was definitely less eager to continue down the same path.

So what did Dylan get up to while his twin was busy solving supernatural mysteries?

After a brief return to acting for films like Banana Split (2018) and Dismissed (2017), Dylan embarked on a major career change, opening his own meadery.

Yes, you read that right. Mead.

Having experimented with brewery and beer-making in his dorm room at uni, the Sprouse brother was inspired to set up the All-Wise Meadery in Brooklyn, New York.

Dylan Sprouse owns his own meadery.
All-Wise Meadery

His bio on the brewery's website reads: "It was upon graduation in 2015 that Sprouse [realised] his true passion for brewing, having spent the better part of his college career experimenting with different mead formulations and perfecting his recipes in the confines of the dorm rooms.

"Sprouse developed his distinct recipes through trial and error. Sprouse’s understanding of the business of brewing and distilling came as a result of a job working at Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, which would eventually inspire the creation of All-Wise Meadery."

It's definitely something different, you have to give him that.

Within two years, All-Wise Meadery was successfully distributing produce across US states New York, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama, as well as Hungary, randomly enough.

Dylan was inspired to open his own meadery after experimenting with beer-making in university.
All-Wise Meadery

Unfortunately, when the pandemic struck, Dylan's meadery was forced to shut down its New York location, but the company still distributes the honey-based alcohol across a number of retailers.

But despite his new hustle, Dylan hasn't stepped away from acting entirely.

In fact, he's is set to star in the rom-com My Fake Boyfriend for Amazon Prime Video this June with Modern Family's Sarah Hyland.

Why not give it a watch while sipping on an ice cold glass of mead?

Featured Image Credit: All Wise Meadery/Disney

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