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Sylvester Stallone reveals why he and Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘really disliked each other' in the '80s

Sylvester Stallone reveals why he and Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘really disliked each other' in the '80s

Their feud was infamous and the Rocky actor has opened up about why they were so competitive.

Sylvester Stallone has opened up about why he and Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘really disliked each other' in the 1980s.

The two have appeared in several films together over the course of their Hollywood careers.

But when hey first met at the 1977 Golden Globe ceremony, it did not go smoothly.

The Rocky star was nominated for Best Actor that year and Schwarzenegger was nominated for New Star of the Year.

ScreenRant says when Rocky failed to win at the glitzy awards ceremony, Schwarzenegger was not only smug but also 'mocked Stallone's failures'.

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Sylvester says he picked up a vase full of flowers and hurled it at Arnold.

The bitter relationship became fairly heated in the '80s when the actors were both trying to make a name for themselves in the action genre.

Stallone revealed to David Letterman in 2013 they were locked in a battle of trying to outdo each other on the big screen.

"After a while, I started to like this competition, this one-upmanship. He’d get a bigger gun. I’d shoot more people. He’d shoot more people," he said.

There was a lot of back and forth between the two and they never missed a chance to try and score a point against the other.

He told Forbes recently while promoting his new TV show Tulsa King that they were like cats and dogs.

Stallone said: “We really disliked each other immensely because we were… this may sound a little vain, but I think we were pioneering a kind of genre at that time and it hasn’t been seen since really.

“So the competition, because it’s his nature, he is very competitive and so am I… and I just thought it actually helped, but off-screen we were still competitive and that was not a healthy thing at all, but we’ve become really good friends.”

It wasn't until much later when they joined forces for The Expendables that they were able to bury the hatchet.

Thankfully they've managed to get along like a house on fire and are good mates now.

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