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'Cyrogenically frozen' Sylvester Stallone is discovered in Australia

'Cyrogenically frozen' Sylvester Stallone is discovered in Australia

If you've ever wanted to get your hands on Sylvester Stallone's frozen body, now's your chance.

A 'cryogenically frozen' model of Sylvester Stallone has been unearthed in an antiques shop in Australia, and if you can afford to buy it then it's all yours.

Why you'd actually want to buy a latex dummy of the Hollywood movie star is anyone's guess, and given that it'll cost you $6,000 it's probably best not to know what someone willing to pay that much would do.

This incredible find was unearthed by artist Bea Bellingham, who posted her discovery onto Instagram with the caption: "Antiquing in Katoomba, looking for weird things. It did not disappoint. What in the actual f***?"

Internet experts quickly identified it as a prop from the movie Demolition Man, where Stallone plays a cop who gets sentenced to be cryogenically frozen until he's thawed out to catch Wesley Snipes' bad guy.

Bellingham later confirmed on Instagram that it really was a dummy of Stallone from the 1993 movie, and as for the state the dummy, it had 'no wang', which is either fortunate or unfortunate depending on your intentions for it.

How this thing ended up inside an antiques store in Australia is anyone's guess, but the most likely explanation is that it spent a while suspended above people's heads in the Sydney branch of Planet Hollywood.

Stallone was the star who opened the place when it was first launched in Sydney, though it only lasted a few short years before closing down, possibly because it suspended a latex doll of Sylvester Stallone above everyone's heads.

If they really did have a latex dummy of Stallone then it's entirely possible that the thing somehow ended up being one of the items on sale at an antiques store.

It might be utterly creepy and quite terrifying, but it's a piece of movie memorabilia that someone out there would probably love to get their hands on if they could rustle up the money.

The actual Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man.
AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

Then again, Warner Bros might be wanting it back as there are apparently plans to make a sequel, though it won't be landing on movie screens any time soon.

If Stallone's sci-fi cop John Spartan ever ends up going back into the ice for some reason, they might want to make use of the dummy, at least with this one they know where it is and how much it'll cost.

For anyone else who wants to beat them to it you'd better rush over to Australia and check out Katoomba Vintage Emporium, though don't go on Wednesdays because they're closed then.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@beabellingham

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