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Sylvester Stallone drafts breakup texts for his own daughters

Sylvester Stallone drafts breakup texts for his own daughters

The actor's daughters said he had a big impact on their dating lives

One of the scariest things about starting a new relationship is the bit when you meet the parents and it's hard to think of a father more intimidating than Sylvester Stallone.

On the plus side you'd already know a lot about him and his career, but the drawback would be that every time you've seen him before is in a movie that probably involves him punching or shooting people until he wins.

He'd be a looming presence all the way through the relationship and, according to his family, he plays a major part in ending them as well.

Speaking to the Giggly Squad podcast, his daughters revealed that the movie star 'writes most of our breakup texts' with daughter Sistine calling him 'a savant when it comes to our dating lives'.

His other daughters said getting their dad to do their breakup texts was something other women should try.

Given his action star chops, you might not think Sylvester Stallone is also a dab hand at helping his daughters dump their dates.
AJ Pics / Alamy Stock Photo

"I highly suggest girls should go up to their dad and have their dad write a breakup text because men know men, I’m telling you," said Sophia.

"And they never get mad for being honest."

The Stallone family has previously said they've had to put the work in to prepare their dad for when they bring a date home, telling him 'you have to say hello' to his daughter's date.

Sistine added that Stallone might also shake their date's hand too hard, though her dad said that was 'a total myth'.

Of course, it must be pretty intimidating to show up somewhere and know you've got to make a good first impression on Rambo.

Not to mention that for years Stallone sustained a massive rivalry with Arnold Schwarzenegger, so you know he can hold a grudge for quite a long time.

Stallone's daughters say he's very good at writing their breakup texts.
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

It might also be a good idea to never bring up the movie Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!, which Stallone reckons is his worst ever movie.

Even worse is it plays into the rivalry he used to have with Schwarzenegger, as the Terminator star tricked him into taking the job after making a lot of noise about wanting it for himself even though he thought it was terrible.

Breaking up by text isn't for everyone as some people it's better to do it face-to-face or at least call your soon-to-be ex.

At least it's better than the new dating trend 'delicate dumping' where the person who wants to end it just kind of slowly withdraws from the relationship in the hopes that the other person will realise what's happening and end it.

If you're struggling to find the right words, then you might as well ask Sylvester Stallone how to say what you mean, he's apparently quite good at this sort of thing.

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