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The Bachelor Australia: Who Are The Bachelors, Cast, Release Date

The Bachelor Australia: Who Are The Bachelors, Cast, Release Date

We'll be getting three bachelors in the latest season.

After less than impressive views last season and concerns that the franchise may have reached its demise in Australia, Channel 10 has revamped The Bachelor series once again by doing something nobody asked for

This time round we'll be getting an incredibly diverse group of three white men. How did they know?

Channel 10 announced that this season would be rebranded as The Bachelors, with not one, not two, but three white men in their 20s and 30s vying for the hearts of Australian viewers, Instagram followers and, of course, contestants in the mansion. 

It'll be hosted by Osher Günsberg once again and filming kicked off on May 15.

The bachelors include star basketballer Felix Von Hofe, Italian fitness and life coach Thomas Malucelli and musician Jedidiah McIntosh.

According to the Channel 10 site, 27-year-old Von Hofe is an impressive 6 feet 6 inches tall, a Victorian basketballer-turned marketing manager and a self-confessed family man.

For him, 'the most attractive quality a girl can have is a good sense of humour'.

Hailing from Sydney, but born in a small town outside Florence, Italy, Malucelli is a 35-year-old restaurant manager and a hopeless romantic, but also a lover of meditation, mindfulness and a self-confessed adrenaline junkie and outdoors man.

The youngest of the trio, 25-year-old McIntosh from Victoria, is the lead drummer and songwriter for band Mood Monroe.

The site writes: "This rocker might convey a tough boy persona but underneath his impressive body art, is a sensitive man with a very big heart.”

The Bachie Mansion has also relocated to the Gold Coast, making it the first season that will be filmed outside of New South Wales.

This season will also see the classic red carpet introductions scrapped.

Instead, the contestants will be introduced through flash dates, similar to those in another Channel 10 series, First Dates

A source stated: “The contestants will have an actual 1:1 date with the Bachelor before going into the mansion.

"The suitors will decide on the day where it’s gonna be and what they’re gonna be doing.

"They can go anywhere around the country and do whatever they like. Nothing is off limits.”

At the end of the date, the ball will then be placed in the contestants’ court, with the prospective women able to decide if they then want to enter the mansion.

Of course, the Bachelors will also be able to send contestants home if they weren’t satisfied with the first date. 

Channel 10 also announced that this season will be featuring both male and female contestants, after releasing a call out in February for both 'single men and women' to apply for the show.

Unfortunately, the exact release date is yet to be announced, but it will likely be around August or September this year.

Featured Image Credit: The Bachelor/Instagram

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