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The Boys fans are calling new ‘gross as hell’ scene ‘straight up diabolical’

The Boys fans are calling new ‘gross as hell’ scene ‘straight up diabolical’

The show continues to outdo itself with every episode

The Boys and gross scenes come hand in hand, but this newest season seems to have taken things to a whole new level.

The perpetually X-Rated superhero show’s newest season has managed to do the unthinkable, up the ante on a show that already started at 100mph.

Going back to season one, scenes that once shocked us would now be barely a blip on the radar in your average episode of The Boys.

The Prime Video show shocked the world with a crazy X-Rated scene earlier in the season, with Frenchie and Kimiko walking in on a supe human-centipeding themselves (a term that should not be a verb).

Whilst sex always sells, the newest episode has a scene that is arguably even crazier than that with no sex involved whatsoever, and shock horror – it involves Homelander.

The Trumpian superhero has been getting even more crazed with each episode of the show, with this peaking in episode four, when he terrorised the people who ran the Vought lab where he was raised.

In the newest episode though, the new QAnon supe Firecracker takes him to Web Weaver, a supe who has betrayed them.

After interrogating him and finding out he has links to The Boys, Homelander does the logical next thing.

He literally tears Web Weaver in half.

The scene is gruesomely brutal, with blood spraying everywhere and Firecracker looking just as shocked as fans would have been.

It’s safe to say the scene had an effect on viewers, with one fan commenting on the subreddit r/TheBoys: “Ripping Webweaver in half was straight up diabolical lol”.

F*cking. Diabolical. (Prime Video)
F*cking. Diabolical. (Prime Video)

Another commented: “Holy f*ck that was probably the most brutal display of Homelander’s physical strength we’ve seen on screen yet. Nice change from his lasers. That was f*cking wild lol”.

One fan thinks that the scene was a sign that Firecracker has perhaps bitten off more than she can chew.

She said: “Even Firecracker was gobsmacked by Homelander killing Webweaver. I don't think she realises what she's gotten herself into.”

Firecracker was shocked by Homelander's sudden brutality. (Prime Video)
Firecracker was shocked by Homelander's sudden brutality. (Prime Video)

Some fans even felt like the kill dragged The Boys out of a fun superhero genre, and into something more sinister altogether – one redditor commented: “Homelander ripping Webweaver apart looked straight out of a horror movie”.

With only one episode to go before the end of the season, The Boys continues to up the ante every week, and if the progression this series has taken is anything to go off – it should be an insane finale.

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

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