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James Buckley's wife says she'll be angry at kids if they quote their dad's iconic The Inbetweeners lines

James Buckley's wife says she'll be angry at kids if they quote their dad's iconic The Inbetweeners lines

Clair Buckley has said there will be no 'free pass' for her sons when it comes to quoting Jay.

James Buckley's wife, Clair Buckley, has said that she will be angry if her kids quote any of their dad's iconic The Inbetweeners lines.

James' Jay character in the Channel 4 sitcom was certainly the rudest out of his uncool group of friends, with famous lines such as 'the p*** patrol' and 'bus w******' still being quoted to this day.

But James is very different to Jay, as he is a 35-year-old with a wife and two kids who are approaching their teenage years.

Since starring in The Inbetweeners from 2008 to 2010 and its subsequent films, James has built up a massive YouTube channel, At Home With The Buckleys, which has over 13 million views.

A best-selling book under the same name has also come and gone, with James also now active on Cameo - a site where fans pay for personalised messages.

Despite all that, a lot still see him as Jay from The Inbetweeners, and with his sons approaching their teenage years, they may soon stumble across their dad's work.

But for Clair, she insists that sons Harrison and Jude, will not have a 'free pass' when it comes to repeating James' inappropriate quotes.

Harrison and Jude will not be getting a 'free pass', according to Clair.

Speaking to The Sun last month, Clair said: "Harrison and Jude both know dad was in a programme called The Inbetweeners, they know it was rude and obviously they know the other boys from it too.

"I’m sure when they became a certain age they may want to check it out or maybe they won’t be interested because their dad is in it.

"I’m definitely not recommending it to them, if they find it on their own that’s up to them. I’m not sure they will come to us to discuss it."

When quizzed on how she would respond if any of her children quote Jay, Clair added: "They would be getting into trouble, the same as any kids would if they said anything too rude.

"I hope they don’t think they will get a free pass because their dad said it."

James and Clair got married in 2012.

Elsewhere in the interview, Clair spoke about how polar opposite James is to the sex-obsessed teen of Jay who he portrayed.

"James is quite shy. But he’s very funny, really funny," she said.

"He’s not a performer, he’s best when we’re having a BBQ with a few friends. That’s the best version of James.

"I don’t hate his character, I feel sorry for Jay. They are nothing alike thank God."

Featured Image Credit: clairbuckley/Instagram/Channel 4

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