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Who Are The Neffati Brothers On TikTok? Net Worth, Nationality And Key Facts

Who Are The Neffati Brothers On TikTok? Net Worth, Nationality And Key Facts

The Neffati Brothers, have made it big on TikTok. But who are they, and how did they rack up so many fans on the social media platform?

TikTok has been the catalyst for weird and wonderful TikTokers like The Island Boys to gain popularity. Now, another dynamic duo, The Neffati Brothers, have made it big on the platform. But who are they, and how did they rack up so many fans on the social media platform?

Who are The Neffati Brothers and why are they famous?

The Neffati brothers are TikTok stars and video creators, comprising identical twins Jamil and Jamel Neffati. 

The pair are most known for showcasing their impressive fashion taste and even more impressive dance moves on TikTok, and also make parody-style videos on their various platforms, including YouTube. 

The Neffati Brothers’ Key Facts:

  • Real Name: Jamil and Jamel Neffati
  • Age: 29
  • DoB: 8th October 1993
  • Nationality: Polish and Tunisian
  • Net Worth: $931,000 (£685,000)
  • TikTok Followers: 17.1M
  • Instagram Followers: 474K
  • YouTube Subscribers: 48.1K

All numbers correct as of 18th January 2022.

The Neffati Brothers’ Net Worth: How much do The Neffati Brothers earn?

The Neffati Brothers have an estimated net worth of $931,000 (£685,000) in 2022.

The twins are thought to earn money through brand sponsorships and production opportunities on their social channels. The Neffati brothers often post about brands like Bad Handwriting, Boohoo Man and Adidas. 

The social media stars have also launched their own merchandise brand, Goof Life, which sold out in its first clothing release. 

How old are The Neffati Brothers?

The Neffati Brothers are 28-years-old, hailing from Polish and Tunisian descent. 

The pair are said to have been born in Poland, but as they’re new TikTok stars, not much is known at this moment about their background and family life. 

Their representative confirmed to LADbible that their birthday is in fact 8th October 1993.

Who are The Neffati Brother's girlfriends?

It is not known whether The Neffati Brothers currently have girlfriends or partners of their own.

However, in recent moments, the pair did a photoshoot with fellow Polish TikTok siblings Patrycja and Sabina Pawlik. The siblings could all just be friends, but it would certainly be adorable if Jamil or Jamel dated Patrycja or Sabina.  

Three Interesting Facts About The Neffati Brothers:

The Neffati Brothers are interesting characters, to say the least. But the pair are much more than just TikTokers, from making their way into mainstream British media for more than one reason, to living by their own self-proclaimed motto, find out about their three interesting facts here.

1) They have made their way into mainstream British media

Despite making it big on social platforms like TikTok and YouTube, The Neffati Brothers have since made their way into the mainstream British media. The pair have landed two places on E4’s Celebrity Coach Trip this year. 

2) They have been accused of “exploiting” young fans on TikTok

A BBC investigation from a few years ago accused The Neffati brothers of “exploiting” their young fans on TikTok. 

The pair were said to offer to follow their fans online, if they were paid £49 monetary gifts. 

The twins would also promise to write the name of their fans on their heads if they sent multiple monetary gifts, according to the investigation.

3) They have a motto that they live by

The Neffati brothers have a motto that they live by: “Work hard, dream big”. 

The pair certainly live their motto out to its full potential, creating a whole host of videos and influencing the TikTok generation.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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