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Peter Kay leaves Eamonn Holmes stunned and Ruth Langsford in tears discussing ‘dog’s lipstick’

Peter Kay leaves Eamonn Holmes stunned and Ruth Langsford in tears discussing ‘dog’s lipstick’

It's extendable filth, that's what it is

It's time for a throwback to the moment when Peter Kay went on This Morning and tried repeatedly to explain to Eamonn Holmes what a 'dog's lipstick' was while Ruth Langsford was in tears of laughter.

Kay had been on the sofa back in 2009 when he was asked if he'd ever had any pets and revealed that his family used to have a dog called Oscar.

The comedian said of his dog: "He were a bit of a thing, Oscar, used to get his lipstick out and walk around the front room, I think you know what I'm saying."

While Ruth Langsford certainly know what Kay meant about the 'lipstick', Holmes was completely oblivious to the slang term.

What followed was several attempts to explain to the This Morning presenter what a 'dog's lipstick' was, with Langsford crying with laughter as she said she'd 'tell you later'.

Peter Kay tried in vain to get Eamonn Holmes to understand what a 'dog's lipstick' was.

This clued Holmes into the fact that 'it's something dirty' as Kay offered to draw what he meant if someone could find him a pen.

The comedian then asked if anyone had a lipstick he could use to demonstrate, and even said he'd 'get on me hind legs and walk round' to really hammer home the point.

In between bouts of laughter, Langsford just about managed to plead with Kay to 'don't do that' as he got up and mimed a dog walking around on its hind legs, though thankfully without showing off the lipstick.

Throughout it all Holmes either had no clue what a 'dog's lipstick' was supposed to mean or put on a very good show of pretending not to understand.

Kay got right in close and whispered 'it's a dog's lipstick, you know what I mean' into his ear, but it still wasn't sinking in.

Eamonn Holmes wasn't getting the joke.

Things kicked up a notch when Kay was on the This Morning sofa again a year later and this time had a tube of lipstick to hand to demonstrate what he really meant by 'dog's lipstick'.

Commanding the camera crew to 'zoom in on that', which they obligingly did, Kay showed off a tube of lipstick and twisted it to extend the knob of makeup out of the tube.

It ended up going down as one of the most classic moments in the history of the show as viewers loved how far Kay took the joke and how oblivious Holmes remained.

It's a reminder of better days for This Morning with the ITV show currently reeling from scandal over the revelation of Phillip Schofield's affair with a much younger colleague.

According to ITV the show will go on without Schofield, while Eamonn Holmes has more recently been making headlines for his outspoken criticism on the whole matter.

Oh for the days when This Morning had nothing more than Peter Kay trying to explain what a 'dog's lipstick' meant.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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