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Massive Peter Kay fan finally gets through on website and spends £377 on the wrong tickets

Massive Peter Kay fan finally gets through on website and spends £377 on the wrong tickets

Peter Kay announced his first tour in over a decade, and fans have been desperately trying to get tickets

In case you hadn't heard, Peter Kay is back! Yep, this week the king of comedy announced a string of shows up and down the country.

And with him not having toured in years, the news caused a fair bit of excitement among his army of fans, who have been trying hard to get tickets.

While the general release doesn't start until 10am on Saturday (12 November), those on certain mobile providers have had access to a priority sale.

However, due to the demand, it's been nigh impossible for many to get tickets.

One fan, though, had the mother of all shockers, accidentally buying 10 tickets for the wrong event. Ouch.

Yep, Leah-Dionne Short, from West Yorkshire, had spent the morning in the queue on Ticketmaster, waiting patiently for her opportunity to grab a few tickets.

Leah accidentally bought tickets for the wrong gig.
Leah-Dionne Short

But when she got through, the 49-year-old somehow managed to spend £377 on tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters play.

Now, no offence to the talented basketball group, but it's not quite the same, is it?

Sharing her misery in a post to Facebook, Leah said: "I cannot believe I'm actually writing this, but I've been trying to get Peter Kay tickets all morning and I finally got through and the excitement got to me, and I've only gone and bought the wrong f***ing tickets for f**k's sake.

"If anyone wants any tickets to see the Harlem f***ing Globetrotters then let me know, because I've got TEN of the stupid idiot tickets. £377 down and I am laughing, but crying also."

In a last ditch attempt to see the Bolton comic, Leah even sent him a DM on Instagram, cheekily asking if he could send her a few VIP tickets in recognition of her 'dedication'.

"Hiya Peter, hope you're well," she wrote.

"I've had a bit of a nightmare if I'm honest love. I tried to buy 10 tickets for your show which was proving quite difficult, and when I finally did get onto Ticketmaster I was so excited that I've accidentally bought the wrong ones.

Peter Kay is returning to the stage.
WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy

"You won't believe it but I've ordered 10 tickets for the Harlem bloody Globetrotters Pete, I've never watched a single game of basketball in my life! What's more messed up is I've ended up spending £370 for the privilege!

"Is there any way you can help me with this at all? Couple of VIPs for my dedication to the garlic bread and cheesecake gags?"

Speaking to The Mirror about the debacle, Leah said she had been trying to get tickets on her phone, and misread the options.

"I finally got on and got my code for Peter Kay pre-sale, and when it took me through to the Ticketmaster website I was so stressed about making sure I got the tickets that I didn't realise that not all the dates and shows listed were for Peter Kay, some were for other events," she said.

"So I just clicked one, selected 10 tickets and paid. It wasn't until after that I realised that 'Harlem Globe Trotters' isn't the name of the stadium the event is at!"

Luckily, though, Leah's partner managed to bag them a couple of tickets, so she will get to see Peter in the flesh after all. And if you're interested in seeing the Harlem Globetrotters, you know who to get in touch with!

Featured Image Credit: Leah Dionne-Short/WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy

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