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People are getting very upset after learning what chin dimples are

People are getting very upset after learning what chin dimples are

The discovery has left people feeling 'nauseous'

People's days are being ruined after learning a strange fact on the internet.

*Pretends to be shocked*

After doom scrolling on social media for an hour or so, you're almost certain to come across something you wish you never saw.

Chin dimples definitely fall into that category as viewers were wishing that vlogger and science whiz Hank Green would just keep things to himself.

Taking to TikTok, one user asked what the dimple on their chin was and Green was on hand to offer his expert view.

Chin dimples are making people feel 'nauseous'.
Marina Demeshko/Getty

"What is this thing," asked the user, as Green explained that chin dimples are caused by your mentalis muscle.

"It's in your chin and it is very weird," he began. "You have identified correctly a weird muscle. Well done."

He told his followers: "Almost every muscle in your body connects a bone to another bone. Your bones yank on each other, that's how you move.

"There are other muscles, like sphincters, that just yank on themselves. The heart is a totally different kind of muscle - it yanks on itself to pump your blood around."

Green continued: "In our faces, we have a bunch of muscles that do not connect to other bones.

"You can tell this, right? Like, all the movement that faces do, we that we can talk and emote and stuff - we're not yanking on bones here. We're yanking on skin."

Rather odd looking graphics of the mentalis were shared on X.

This is where things start to get kind of gross.

The social media star explained that the mentalis muscle connects from bone to skin, hence the dimples it makes on your skin when you flex it.

"You can see the mentalis here, doing an absolutely wild thing, sticking all of its little muscle fibres into your skin," he added sharing a horrific picture of the muscle growing from the skull.

"When you contract that muscle, it yanks. It yanks on the skin and makes those little dimples.

"It's a little weird. We're all made out of meat," Green swiftly concluded.

Feeling a little bit uneasy knowing that those fibres are living in your chin? You're not the only one.

Green's followers took to the comments to share their horror and disgust, complaining that they probably could have gone their whole lives without knowing this information.

One distressed viewer wrote: "Thanks! Never speak of this again."

"This makes me nauseous," complained another.

"I am so upset that I now know this information," penned a third.

And a fourth added: "I'm sorry but I REALLY hate knowing this and it's gonna haunt me for a long time."

Not everyone took it so hard, though. In fact, one user actually found a positive spin to put on it.

"So what I'm hearing is that we all have an invisible sole patch?" they asked.

Pretty cool when you put it that way, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Marina Demeshko/Getty RBFried/Getty

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