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Gordon Ramsay makes chef’s ‘dream come true’ after roasting deep-fried avocado recipe

Gordon Ramsay makes chef’s ‘dream come true’ after roasting deep-fried avocado recipe

The celebrity chef reviewed the unusual recipe

If there's one thing that Gordon Ramsey is known for, it's his low tolerance for bad food.

One TikTok creator found themselves facing the ire of the Hell's Kitchen star after sharing a recipe that featured a recipe which looked - let's say - less than appetising.

The weird recipe, and no this is not a typo, was a whole deep-fried avocado stuffed with burrata. This was served on top of a base of tomato sauce with pre-grated parmesan and basil.

What makes it even worse is that the finished product could be mistaken for a proper Sicilian arancini, which are made in a cone shape. The horror of biting into it thinking it was delicious risotto and ragout only to be confronted by slimy avocado and watery burrata. The trust issues that would lead to...

The avocado was coated in breadcrumbs.

Needless to say by the time Ramsay was done the avocado may have been deep fried, but the chef - know on TikTok as @theshabakitchen - was roasted.

TikTok users will know that the chef frequently stitches videos from other cooks online to review their recipe. Sometimes he does give a genuinely good review, perhaps sprinkled with a few technical tips.

On other occasions, however, it's clear that this is beyond saving and he descends into a mixture of anger, despair, denial, and bargaining.

This was just such an occasion.

Watching the video, Ramsay exclaims: "Nooo! Fresh burrata was not made as a stuffing for inside an avocado! They are crying their eyes out right now in Italy!"

Ramsay was less than impressed with the recipe.

After bisecting the avocado and placing the burrata inside, the cook then coated it in plain flour before giving it an egg wash and covering it in Italian seasoned breadcrumbs.

All this was done while wearing expensive-looking designer nails, which Ramsay noted saying: "Your nails girl - $500 for your nails and you just coated them in breadcrumbs."

The cook then proceeded to lower the avocado into a pan of hot oil, to Ramsay's horror.

He says: "Burrata should be eaten at room temperature, lightly seasoned and drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil - not deep-fried.

"It's going to shrivel inside and there will be so much leakage you'll need to see a doctor."

The creator said that she was delighted to have been given the Ramsay treatment.

And sure enough, when she finally got to cutting open the avocado to reveal the interior it didn't reveal oozing, melted cheese. Instead, it released a watery mess like that stagnant issue that comes out of the ketchup bottle before the actual ketchup.

"Congratulations," says Ramsay. "We're now barred from Italy."

Nonetheless, despite everything the TikTok creator said that she was delighted to have been given the Ramsay treatment. She told Insider that it was a 'dream come true', adding: "I think if he actually tried it, he would've liked it too."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Gordonramsayofficial / TikTok/theshabakitchen

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