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OnlyFans star sparks debate after sharing that she 'doesn't understand' why men don't want to date 'people like her'

OnlyFans star sparks debate after sharing that she 'doesn't understand' why men don't want to date 'people like her'

Billie posted a video on TikTok explaining her point

An OnlyFans star has started a debate online after saying that she 'doesn't understand' why men say that they don't want to date 'people like her'.

It is widely-known that successful OnlyFans stars can earn handsome amounts of money for their services, and some are not shy about what they do.

Billie Beever is an Australian stripper and OnlyFans star with over 163,000 followers on her TikTok account.

She has recently received a number of comments from male viewers on the social media app that have shamed her choice of work and lifestyle.

Now, she's posted a video responding to a comment on a previous video that read: "You're a ride off sorry hun, you chose to do that, men would never wife you but they will take you out, sleep with you, that's it."

Billie started by saying that she wanted to address the previous video and clarify what her point was.

She has admitted that she doesn't understand the hate comments.

Billie admitted that she 'doesn't understand' why people would say that, but she gets 'why they don't wanna date someone like me'.

She then says that she has probably 'had sex with with the same or less amount of people that you have', the only difference being that she has filmed it. But, she went on to say she gets that they wouldn't want their friends to see that.

However, she also says that's the only difference :"It doesn't mean I'm more of a wh**e, more of a sl*t, more of a this or more of a that or I'm looser, or have STDs."

Billie revealed that sex workers actually have to get tested quite often, claiming that 99.9 percent get tested regularly if they film content with people, dispelling the myth that they're 'dirty' or 'filthy'.

Acknowledging her past, she said she doesn't expect anyone to forget her past, but that they shouldn't hold it against her as it made her who she is.

Billie has urged people not to judge OnlyFans models on what they do, and that they aren't much different to normal people.

She gave another example, saying that she doesn't understand because it's like her saying someone is disgusting for sleeping with 100/200 women when she has slept with 'way less'.

Her latest comments have further sparked the debate for both sides of the argument for her viewers.

One user said: "How can you understand it but don't get it at the same time?"

Another commented: "You shouldn't be shamed for your choices but they have consequences. Most men will never commit to someone with content that people they know can find."

A third put: "She literally just bought her own house and provides for her daughter on her own. Let her live. It’s 2023."

A different user said: "Billie there is a man out there for you if they can’t take you for you and look past your past then they don’t deserve you."

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/Instagram/BillieBeever

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