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People point out same concern as man looks down from boat and sees army of sharks swimming around him

People point out same concern as man looks down from boat and sees army of sharks swimming around him

There was only one thing going through people's minds

Being out at sea is not everyone's cup of tea - there's a lot to deal with on board a vessel, but there is one thing in particular you probably wouldn't want to deal with.

Sea wildlife is great to look at, some creatures can be quite eye-catching and vibrant, but to deal with a school of sharks? No thanks.

It's a generally common fear, shark attacks - even though it's not a common occurrence, the odd story here and there is enough to scare people from going deep into the sea for a swim.

Believe it or not, an attack could even happen in an aquarium, so the point is that sharks are dangerous creatures that need to generally be avoided.

So when this man saw that there was a large school of them swimming around his boat, he couldn't believe his eyes.

TikTok user @joegarrett1993, also known as Joe Garrett, is a fishing enthusiast and captions this recent video saying: "This is located in the south pass area in the gulf of Mexico not too far past the mouth of the Mississippi river in about 400’ of water".

There looked to be more sharks lower beneath the surface.
TikTok / @joegarrett1993

Joe begins filming and pans the camera down towards the water while he's on his boat, where at least 50 sharks can be seen swimming alongside his vessel.

"I wouldn't want to fall in the water right now," he joked.

Almost in disbelief, he zoomed in on different sharks in the school, even catching a few of them jumping out of the water.

Speaking with a friend behind the camera, he also admitted that he had never seen that many sharks swimming together before.

Though they looked like smaller sized sharks, with one user pointing out in the comments: "They are spinner sharks. Generally harmless to humans but I’d still hate to be in the water with that many lol".

Spinner sharks are known for their spinning leaps out of the water to catch their prey, hence their name.

Adults also weigh up to 49kg, so they're not massive - though they can grow to be up to eight feet long.

The good news with Spinner sharks though, is that the International Shark Attack File has recorded 13 unprovoked bites to humans, but due to their smaller teeth, none have died.

I think that's a win?

Several sharks wouldn't leave the boat alone.
TikTok / @joegarrett1993

Users were quick to point out their concerns at the situation that Joe was in though, highlighting their fears in the comments section.

One user said: "My anxiety would cause me to drop my phone in the water"

Another put: "Imagine if he dropped his phone in the water that would be my biggest fear... I love sharks and I don't fear them but I don't have my phone backed up so I'd cry"

A third joked: "I was waiting for you to accidentally drop your phone on one!!!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joegarrett1993

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