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Woman disgusted after waking up to find car coated in layers of mould

Woman disgusted after waking up to find car coated in layers of mould

The MINI driver was shocked by the volume of mould in her car.

A woman was shocked and disgusted after waking up to find the inside of car was coated in layers of mould.

In an angry rant on TikTok, the mum said she was 'literally shaking' after the discovery. Have a look:

Taking to her TikTok channel @resolutera, the Brit asked her followers: "What the f**k is this?" as she pointed to the inside of her car, which was covered in white and brown splotches.

The seats, the steering wheel, the gearstick... hell, practically the whole inside of her MINI was coated in dust.

"What the actual f**k," she said in the now-viral video. "What has happened to my car?"

The mum - who claims she bought another car before Christmas - explained how she decided to keep her older MINI too.

Before she went to pick up her daughter in the old MINI, she went to start the engine to warm the car up. However, when the mum went to check on the vehicle, the whole interior was covered in mould.

A woman was horrified after discovering the interior of her car was covered in thick mould.

"And now it looks like that... How does nature even work," she said.

"Do I just throw it in the bin now, do I just get it scrapped?"

In the comments section, one viewer revealed: "This happened to my daughter’s MINI, when the battery dies the windows drop and the moisture gets in, this can happen in days!"

Another added: "It’s just moisture that got trapped, probably from temperatures rising and falling. Had the same thing. It’s just surface level. Wash it well, and dry."

While a third wrote: "Happens a lot at this time of year with the weather. I’m a car valeter and I think I’ve done 3/4 mould jobs this month. Get it valeted be brand new. Unless u have a leak."

According to Valeting Solutions, mould growth is usually caused by something in the car letting in moisture.

"It could be a lot of things such as: spilled water bottle, wet shoes, damp towels from a day at the beach, wet umbrella, faulty auto air conditioner, parking your car inside an enclosed, mouldy space, etc," they explained.

Mould can grow inside cars when moisture is allowed in.

In terms of a solution, they added: "First of all, a vacuum cleaner is needed in order to remove any loose mould. Next follows a sponge or a brush, with a strong cleaner.

"This step ensures that all remains will be cleaned up, and also eliminate any stains that occurred while the mould was growing.

"Usually, the final step is for the surfaces to be wiped down with a disinfectant. It’s usually a combination of bleach and water because it’s very effective at killing off any lingering spores. Next, the area will be properly dried."

LADbible has contacted MINI for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@resolutera

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