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Viewers divided over who’s at fault after bizarre roundabout crash

Viewers divided over who’s at fault after bizarre roundabout crash

After a TikTok user posted a bizarre crash, commenters were divided on who was at fault.

Bad drivers are everywhere and usually you can tell who’s at fault immediately, but one driver caused a stir online after a video of his crash went viral.

There are many social media accounts dedicated to the awful drivers in the UK, especially using clips of those that just seem plain ridiculous.

A recent TikTok upload features a crash that fits the description to a T.

Uploaded by the page @funnfactory3, their video reached 1 million views and 15.3 thousand likes after dividing opinions in the comments about who was in the wrong during a crash.

In the clip, you can see three cars, including one in front of the dash camera vehicle and one coming towards the two.

In the middle of the situation, is a small roundabout which seems to be an easy task of manoeuvring.

TIkTok users debated over who was wrong in the crash.
TikTok / @funnfactory3

However, it appears that two drivers were at odds of who had the right of way.

Captioned 'the cam car did this in purpose', it shows the moment the two cars collided.

The first black car can be seen turning right on the roundabout, quickly followed by the dash cam car, only to be caught off guard when the oncoming third vehicle collides head on in the middle of the turn.

But TikTok users were quick to jump into the comments section to give their thoughts on who was wrong, and some of them just can’t decide.

Who was in the wrong?

On user wrote: “The oncoming car didn't give way to the cam car! How'd you pass your test if you don't know this!?”

Another was adamant that the dash cam car was wrong: “Cam car at fault as you can't drive over the paint.”

Users even took to each other’s comments to debate over why they believe one of the drivers were at fault, leading to numerous arguments between viewers.

Some even theorised that the cam car did it on purpose as the car can be seen cutting across the painted circle and seemingly making no attempt to brake.

A user typed: “There's something called brakes. Cam car did it intentionally.”

We’ll just let you decide for yourself who was wrong in this situation.

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/@funnfactory3

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