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Woman who didn’t know what debt was rang her mum to celebrate owing $4,000 on her credit card

Woman who didn’t know what debt was rang her mum to celebrate owing $4,000 on her credit card

They enraged TikTok viewers after thinking credit card debt was a good thing

Becoming an adult can be difficult for many who are unprepared for the reality of finances.

Whether it’s rent, income or taxes, a lot of what we need to use after graduating from school isn’t taught to us in class.

If you’re lucky, you might have parents who set you up for success in the real world and provide you with a much-needed rundown on financial basics, but it doesn’t appear to be what happened for this Gen Zer.

In a very strange interaction on TikTok, one young woman explained the moment she celebrated being $4,000 in debt with her credit card provider.

The video was posted by user Caleb Hammer, who can be seen visibly baffled by the woman’s inability to comprehend the basics of what credit and debt means.

After her parents gave her a credit card with an $8,000 limit on it, the woman seemingly didn’t know what the difference was between a credit limit and what she would need to pay back.

Initially, when she was given the card, she explained that she had gone on a spending spree with her friends and boyfriend, offering to pay for meals and treating her beau to lavish outings.

One day, her card provider sent her a letter which stated that she had $4,000 debt with the company and had spent half of her credit limit. So, she excitedly called her mother to celebrate.

Why did she think it was a good thing?

Because she thought her debt was somehow what you were supposed to do with the card and didn’t know that she would need to pay the money back.

So…did she think it was a free gift card with $8,000 to splurge? It sure seems that way!

Are credit cards a gift or a curse?

Caleb attempted to gain some clarity over her blunder, asking why she thought debt was a good thing, but the woman didn’t have an answer.

Now, if you thought she would have to face the music of her mistake, you’re wrong.

In fact, after her mum found out she needed to pay the 4k pronto, the parents actually confiscated the card and are currently paying off their daughter’s debt themselves as she ‘won’t be able to pay it off in time’.

So, now they’re allowing her to use it if expenses pop up or her animals need care.

However, it just doesn’t seem to be sinking in.

Caleb tried to drum it into her head that her income wasn’t enough to provide for herself, as he had worked out that her rent totalled 70% of her income, which wouldn’t allow her to pay for bills, food, expenses or her credit card bill each month.

To which the girl replied, ‘girl math’.

The uncomfortable watch angered a lot of online viewers, who took to the comments to blast the woman’s blasé attitude to debt and money and also her parents for enabling her irresponsible behaviour.

Caleb Hammer was just as baffled as the rest of us.
TikTok/ @calebhammercomposer

One person seethed: “This is 100% the parents fault for GIVING HER A CREDIT CARD and NOT EXPLAINING IT TO HER.”

Another was just as confused as the girl seemed to be: “I'm confused at how she was confused. did she think the credit card was a GIFT CARD with $4k placed on it as a gift by her parents.”

Someone else stated: “The way some people genuinely don’t care about using their parent’s kindness… privilege at its finest.”

It appears her lack of regard for money and her parents having to clean up her mess have ruffled a few feathers.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @calebhammercomposer

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