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TikToker reveals staggering amount of money he makes in just five days

TikToker reveals staggering amount of money he makes in just five days

Maybe getting on TikTok isn't such a bad idea

A TikToker has broken down how much money they've made from the site and revealed that you're likely going to see some major changes in the videos you get from the site.

You might have heard of this website called TikTok that all the kids these days are talking about and it seems to be getting pretty big.

There's about 1.6 billion users signed up to the platform, and of that 1.6 billion, around 1.1 billion are active on the site - so it's definitely doing alright.

Of course, there are a few problems with the site as there are concerns that it's a big data-harvesting operation on behalf of the Chinese government.

Some places have even taken to banning TikTok, with politicians told not to have the app on their phones, and plans put down to stop new users from downloading it in certain places.

The TikToker explained that views make money and longer videos were a winning formula.

Of course, a ban can't really stop you from downloading the app in a different location and continuing to use the site, and TikTok's pretty big anyway, so trying to ban it now might be a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Anyhow, you might be wondering why TikTok is so popular and the answer is that it's home to a cavalcade of consumable content all served up by the algorithm for our enjoyment.

For some TikTokers there's serious money to be made from the site as the more views they rack up the greater their piece of the pie will be.

Explaining how it all works is TikToker @tombirchy, who broke down how he made over £2,500 in five days from his videos on the site.

Tom explained: "You might have noticed that all the creators are uploading longer videos over one minute, that's because TikTok wants this new program called the Creativity Program Beta that pays us really well for videos over one minute."

The kind of content you see on TikTok could be changing.
NurPhoto / Contributor/Getty

He went on to point out an important figure from his TikTok financials called RPM, which he said stood for 'revenue per mill' and it stood at the princely sum of 92 pence.

However, for those making lots of content it's not so bad as Tom explained that the RPM was how much money a TikToker was paid per thousand views on their videos.

He revealed that in five days he'd made precisely £2571.55 and tipped the future of TikTok to be longer videos which lasted longer than a minute.

Tom addressed some of the things TikTokers often heard, such as the idea that making too many videos in a short space of time could actually be a bad thing, saying 'mate, the stats don't lie'.

He did say it was 'crazy' that pretty much all TikTokers would be influenced by the changes, and predicted it wouldn't be long before everyone was pushing their video times beyond the one minute barrier.

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/itstombirchy/vandervelden/Getty Images

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