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Woman dreads starting new job over very awkward name abbreviation

Woman dreads starting new job over very awkward name abbreviation

Samantha Hart took to TikTok to explain that her username 'fills her with dread'.

You've got to feel sorry for this poor lady, who regularly suffers from the same workplace struggle when starting a new job.

Samantha Hart, from Virginia, has revealed how her username and email address abbreviation is causing all sorts of issues at work.

Watch below:

The 27-year-old says that her conversations with HR always 'fill her with dread' when pointing out her abbreviated username.

"My name does not exactly fit the company email structure as they would intend, and would I mind if they gave me a different structure for my email," she explained.

"I don’t want an email that says 'shart' — fix it, give me something else."

Taking to TikTok - under the handle @thesam_show - the communications worker went viral after revealing her unique situation.

Her TikTok video went viral.

"My name is Samantha Hart," she said.

"Most companies use the email designation of first initial, last name, meaning my email would be 'shart'."

For those unaware, 'shart' is a combination of 's**t' and 'fart'.

Not great.

Samatha explained that the last two companies she worked for reached out a week before her start date after they noticed the issue.

In the comments section were a collection of people who have bizarrely experienced the same situation at work, as one person wrote: "My cousin is a shart and my brother is phart — a source of great joy for their coworkers."

Another joked: "Ours was first 5 of last + first initial. one guy was gonna be McAnus so they gave him a special one."

"We had an S lutz at one company," a third person added.

While a fourth also said: "Mine is literally Hater so I understand."

Someone else complained: "My name is Sue Hartlove so my work emails are always shartlove."

"Fix it, give me something else".

In an interview with, Samatha said she is currently 'living for the comments'.

"It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this," she added.

Samantha also revealed how her parents got her a vanity license plate for her first car.

But at the time, the parents were not aware of the meaning of shart.

“I rolled up to school and everybody made fun of me,” she explained.

“My car became known as the ‘Shartmobile.’ And that was the first time I understood my name was going to be a problem.”

Thankfully, the TikToker is getting married soon and will be taking her partner's surname.

"I'll never have to have another awkward conversation with HR!" she said.

I think this must be the first time that anyone is excited to be taking their husband's last name.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/ @thesam_show/Instagram/@sam_antha_hart

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