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Drivers are late in finding out what the button on their seatbelt is actually for

Drivers are late in finding out what the button on their seatbelt is actually for

TikTok users have been left shocked by the revelation

A TikTok has provided a startling answer to one of the longest-recorded and simply staggering mysteries of all time.

And it seems like a lot of people aren't really questioning certain parts of their cars - because if it's there, it's surely there for a reason.

But it might be worth thinking about - like what is the button on your seatbelt actually for?

Well, luckily for us, a TikToker known as @epiccfacts has provided the answer:

What the exact purpose of this button has probably crossed everyone's mind at some point.

And it's among many of the strange buttons that drivers have no idea what it's there for - have you ever wondered what would happen if you pressed that 'squiggly button' on your car's dashboard?

'But what IS this mystical purpose?' I hear you ask.

Well, I'll let the face behind @epiccfacts tell you for himself...

Viewers have been left blown away.

"The little button on your seatbelt is to stop the buckle from going past it," he said.

"So it will always be in the right spot when you go to buckle it up."

And many commenters were pretty surprised and took to the video's comment section to express their amazement.

"Wow that seatbelt one blew my mind, I would have never thought of that," one viewer penned.

Another added: "Wow! I never knew!!"

The button assists with ease in grabbing the belt at the right place to plug it in.

A third admitted their Herculean strength, writing: "Not me passing that button so many times."

While other social media know-it-alls, however, claimed they'd always been aware of his transport tip.

"I thought we all knew about the seat belt", one wrote, while another claimed, "Everyone knew the seatbelt one."

A third added: "The last one is common sense."

But this isn't the only social media hack that has surprised those on the internet after a woman discovered a 'hidden compartment' in her toaster that most people don't know about.

Kacie, who is behind the TikTok account The Big Clean Co, took to the platform to share her trick - largely because there were hacks going around that 'are not really hacks at all, they make it harder'.

People were stunned to discover the toaster's 'secret' compartment.

In case you weren't aware, the large majority of toasters are equipped with an aptly named 'toaster tray' or 'crumb catcher' at the bottom of their appliance.

After loads of toast debris tumbles onto them, you can simply slide it out, get rid of the crumbs, give it a clean and pop it back inside.

The more you know, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo/TikTok/ @epiccfacts

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