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Woman shares main questions you should never answer during a job interview

Woman shares main questions you should never answer during a job interview

Jobseekers should be aware of these questions.

Finding your dream job is never easy, especially if you are heading for a job interview.

However, one woman has revealed some huge red flags that potential jobseekers should be aware of during the interview process.

It includes some simple questions that should have prospective employees running back the Job Centre.

In a now-viral TikTok video user @lifelittlelies explains how even seemingly harmless questions are illegal to ask during a job interview.

The woman reveal surprising key questions you should never answer.

"First of all, they can't ask you about your age, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality and marital status because those thing are not supposed to factor in when someone is making a hiring decision about you," she pointedly explained.

Unsurprisingly, those questions are also illegal in the UK due to the Equality Act as they could lead to people being discriminated against by potential employers.

However, there are other surprising questions that you shouldn’t accept during a job interview.

The TikToker give an example, telling viewers: "You also should be answering any questions that sound something like this: 'Do you socially drink?'"

Though it seems unproblematic, this could make you give information that you aren’t comfortable with.

"If you're a recovering from alcohol addiction, that question would make you disclose information that's protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act," she reveals.

Similar laws would also make this illegal in the UK, as you cannot be discriminated against for any illness, be it physical or mental.

Other suitably disguised questions could include whether you intend to have children or your nationality.

"Well your national origin is protected information....[also] familial status cannot be the reason you are denied a job," she pointedly tells her followers.

However, the influencer has a brilliant response should you get unwanted questions during an interview.

Users were shocked by the questions.

She adds: "If those types of questions come up during an interview, you can always say something along the lines of...'my answer to this question will not affect my performance in this role'."

However, she does warn potential employees to be on the look out for more 'indirect questions', which may include an interviewer 'casually' asking about your partner.

"These questions are BIG red flags. Consider them warning about the work environment you should expect if you do actually end up working there..." says the user.

Whilst we hope you never get these awkward questions, it's always worth figuring out what you are up against before your first payday.

Happy job-hunting!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@LifesLittleLies / Westend61 via Getty

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