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It's not one of those films you would think would ever draw a sequel, but it seems that someone has decided to make not just one sequel to Titanic, but now a second one as well.

You would think that the end of Titanic is pretty conclusive. The iceberg appears, the boat sinks, Jack dies and Rose drops a necklace worth a ton of money into the ocean instead of, I don't know, giving the money to her kids or charity or something.

But you know, closure or something.

However, it seems that there is even more story to still tell of the Titanic, as a recent movie called Titanic 666 gives another slant - seeing a different cruise ship crossing over the ill-fated spot with spooky consequences.

The replica ship sets off.
YouTube / Tubi

It all looks hilariously bad.

Nonetheless, Titanic 666 has already drawn the ire of many people online who feel that the tone of the movie and the choice of subject matter are disrespectful to the memory of those who perished in the disaster.

Taking account of the 2022 movie's plot, it's not difficult to see why people might reach that conclusion. From what it's possible to gather from the trailer, it seems that someone stows away on board a replica of the Titanic, which is setting off on the same voyage.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, quite a few things apparently, as the stowaway begins to carry out some sort of seance or ceremony on board the ship.

And in a surprising twist, the deceased crew and passengers of the stricken Titanic then rise from the depths and start causing mayhem on the ship.

The crew and passengers are raised from the dead.
YouTube / Tubi

When the movie was originally released back in 2022, it was panned, with critics at the time slamming it as a 'disgrace'.

And reactions to the trailer on YouTube were predictably critical of just about everything about it, with one person pointedly observing: "As long as it's historically accurate, it should definitely be worth watching."

Historical accuracy might well be the least of the film's concerns.

Another wrote: "If this had been done without the Titanic tie-in, just a modern cruise ship with some freaky-deaky issues, this could have been a fantastic horror movie."

And a third person replied: "This is not only embarrassing/cringey, but is also just an insult to those people who actually DIED on the real Titanic."

Others took a more tongue in cheek view of the movie, with one writing: "Sometimes they say sequels cannot be as good as the original but this blows the original Titanic out of the water this is a true Cinema masterpiece."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Tubi

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