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Woman in stitches after realising how fake Titanic scene actually is

Woman in stitches after realising how fake Titanic scene actually is

Once you see it, you can't unsee it

A film fan was left absolutely creasing after realising just how fake one particular scene in James Cameron's Titanic actually is.

Let me stop you right there - yes, I know it's all fake. Cameron didn't use the actual Titanic in the film because - well, you know - but he did use real people and real sets. A lot of the time.

James Cameron used CGI and physical sets to create the film.
20th Century Fox

The creators of the movie made a reconstruction of the ship in order to help sell the story, but Cameron did also rely on CGI to help create some of the scenes we've since come to know so well.

It's one of these computer-generated scenes which has recently caught the eye of some eagle-eyed viewers; people who have clearly become very accustomed to seeing the incredible visual effects of the 2020s.

The scene takes place shortly after the Titanic sets sail, and sees the camera pan over the ship before honing in on its captain.

It all looks pretty convincing at first glance, and it definitely would have looked great on the chunky TVs people were relying on to watch the film when it came out on VHS, but upon closer inspection nowadays it doesn't quite hold up so well.

The scene was created with CGI.
20th Century Studios

The ship in the scene is clearly computer-generated, and so are the little passengers shakily making their way around it.

One TikTok user, Jess, was left in stitches after watching the clearly-fake scene unfold, and other users have joined in with her amusement after seeing it for themselves.

"Is this the new Sims 4 Titanic expansion pack?" one person joked after watching the clip, while another quipped: "It’s giving The Polar Express motion capture animation."

Though the animation is a little cringey to watch these days, it goes without saying that technology has come a long way since Titanic was created in the late 1990s, so obviously the ship isn't going to look like something out of Avatar: Way of the Water.

The scene doesn't look quite so good on HD TVs.
20th Century Fox

A lot of TikTokers defended the graphics as they pointed this out, with one commenting: "For 1997 this was ground breaking VFX, the first of its kind in any movie, but yeah once you see it you can’t un-see it."

Another added: "Its [sic] only normal to finally notice bad graphics on a 25 yr old movie. But in the 90’s this was state of the art and no one noticed."

We might have to learn to ignore this particular scene in any future re-watches, but it's safe to say that the film in general still holds up more than two decades later, so we can forgive a little Sims-like slip.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/JessVeraaa

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