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Tom Cruise 'risks death' to perform 'the biggest stunt in cinema history' in next Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise 'risks death' to perform 'the biggest stunt in cinema history' in next Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise takes on something truly death-defying for the latest Mission: Impossible film

Tom Cruise ‘risks death’ to perform some of the stunts in his forthcoming film. You can see a clip of what we’re talking about in the video below – it does look pretty dangerous:

Tom Cruise is well known for performing his own stunts and trying to be as hands-on as possible when filming.

He’s had some difficult roles for that as well, playing a fighter pilot in the Top Gun series and getting into all kinds of different and dangerous scrapes during his Mission: Impossible films.

It’s in one of those films that he performs perhaps his most daring feat of bravery to date, jumping off a cliff on a motorbike straight into a BASE jump.

For those who aren’t aware, BASE jumping is basically parachuting, but not from an aircraft.

The BASE stands for building, antenna, span, or earth.

Basically, jumping off skyscrapers, from tall radio towers, off a bridge, or from a cliff.

In this instance, we’re dealing with a cliff.

This cliff, as it happens.
Paramount Pictures

A featurette for the upcoming seventh Mission: Impossible film – though they’ve all proven to be fairly possible up until now – shows this terrifying stunt.

Entitled Dead Reckoning – Part One, the short cliff sees Cruise describing the stunt as ‘far and away the most dangerous thing we’ve ever attempted’.

Yeah, it could be expensive too, given the amount that Cruise must be insured for.

It takes some balls though, you have to admit.

This new film is the seventh in the franchise, and like all the rest it features a stellar cast of not only Tom Cruise, but also Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Rob Delaney, Pom Klementieff and many more.

It’s unlikely that this is going to be the only death-defying stunt that happens in the film, given what we know about the other movies.

A teaser trailer released in May showed that we’ll be treated to the same kind of full octane stuff that we’ve seen in all the others, including car chases, explosions, and even a sniper battle.

Tom Cruise loves a good stunt.
Paramount Pictures

Christopher McQuarrie is returning as director and writer of this one, having also been at the helm for the fifth and sixth versions.

We can expect to see it out in cinemas for July 14 next year, complete with Cruise’s frankly ridiculous motorbike jump.

If nothing else, you have to concede that the man is supremely committed to giving audiences the most authentic experience that they can have.

Even if that means putting himself in the line of danger.

If you want to watch the full feature about the BASE jumping stunt, you can do so here.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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