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Tom Hardy Gangster Film Featuring One Of Best Fight Scenes Of All Time Is Now On Netflix

Tom Hardy Gangster Film Featuring One Of Best Fight Scenes Of All Time Is Now On Netflix

Back in 2015, Hardy appeared on screens as the twin brothers at the forefront of London’s criminal underground in the 1960s

A Tom Hardy gangster film that fans say features one of the best fight scenes of all time is now on Netflix. Watch the trailer here: 

Back in 2015, Hardy appeared on screens as both Reggie and Ronnie Kray – the twin brothers at the forefront of London’s criminal underground in the 1960s – in biographical crime thriller Legend

He was able to portray the two brothers through a clever combination of CGI, ear pieces and body doubles – having roped in his stunt double from Mad Max, Jacob Tomuri. 

The result proved to be a huge hit with fans, who not only loved Hardy's incredible double performance, but also the on-screen action – especially one particular fight sequences, which has since been hailed on social media as one of the very best.


At one point in the film, which follows the rise and fall of the notorious criminals, we see an explosive fight break out between sparring sides at a pub, which quickly descends into a grisly mess. 

The bloody scuffle has gone on to be regarded by some viewers as one of the best fight sequences ever, with one tweeting: "The pub fight scene in Legend is one of my most favourite scenes in history."

Another agreed: "The pub fight scene in legend is one of the most iconic scenes ever and if you don't agree you can suck my d**k."

A third also said: "The pub fight scene in Legend is up there with my favourite movie scenes of all time."

Someone else said it would always been 'an all time fav', while another said: "Best scene in any film ever has to be in Legend when the Krays are in the pub and fight all the other gang."


Along with using Tomuri as a body double for scenes involving both Kray twins, when Hardy was playing Reggie he'd have Ronnie's dialogue fed through via an earpiece.

Cinematographer Dick Pope previously told CNET that they sometimes went even more lo-fi, saying: "If we couldn't get the stand-in in there, we'd put in a tennis ball on a stick that Tom would look at."

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Brian Helgeland also said: "There’s different tricks you can use, 70 percent of which are not anything really different than Hayley Mills did in the Parent Trap [in] 1960-whatever."

Hardy added: "The two characters, they were pretty easy to slip between. The complicated part was to make an audience believe it wasn’t one performer doing both parts."


Speaking about another famous fight scene – this time Kray-on-Kray – Hardy added: |The brother-fight is a perfect example of where we had to really be aware that, whenever I interfered with my brother’s face [in the morning, in] the afternoon I had to return that interference, and interfere back into his face.

"You realise that, if I’m playing Reggie at the top of the day, and I’m slapping Ron, Reggie’s got rings on, I’m going to have to go back in, and shoot the Ron side of it.

"If I’ve thrown a hard slap as Reggie, then I’m going to receive as Ron, a hard slap from Reggie. I’m getting twice the beating — and so is Jacob."

Since the film was added to Netflix, many people have either been delighted to revisit an old favourite, or finally watch Hardy in action in one of his most well-known roles.

One tweeted earlier this week: "Watched #Legend with Tom Hardy last night as it’s just dropped on Netflix. Astonishing acting.

"He makes Ronnie & Reggie Kray so completely different. Charming, ugly, terrifying, psychotic. Really great film."

Another said: "No one told me Legend was on Netflix??? Buzzing for a feature length double scoop of Tom Hardy ngl."

You can now watch Legend for yourself on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: StudioCanal

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